Fugro enables quick response from it admins

Fugro enables quick response from it admins
  • Across 60 Countries Globally
  • 9,000 Employees
  • License Management
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With more than 9,000 employees spread out across 60 countries globally, Geo-data group Fugro migrated to Microsoft 365. They struggled to configure the tool in a way that fit their business model – including many different business units. They needed a tool that would allow them to delegate tasks from the central IT team, increase and improve reporting capabilities, and optimize license management – bringing greater control.

Enter CoreView.

The Challenge

Fugro’s central IT team needed a tool that would enable them to better understand how Microsoft 365 was being used, therefore allowing them to more easily delegate IT tasks and optimize license management across the company.

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The Solution

CoreView was able to offer the kind of detailed reporting Fugro needed to better understand how their employees were utilizing Microsoft 365, thus empowering them to rejigger and optimize licenses accordingly.

As a result:  

  • Improved Reporting Drove Optimization – With CoreView’s in-depth reporting tools, the central IT group was able to better monitor and optimize their 9,000+ employees’ Microsoft 365 usage.
  • Virtual Tenants Improved Delegation – CoreView helped Fugro slice and dice their Microsoft 365 tenant into separate groups - Virtual Tenants - enabling the IT team to delegate administration with perfect permissions, boost efficiency and relieve the burden on central IT.
  • License Management Saved Time and Money – Last (but certainly not least!), with in-depth reporting, improved delegation, and the help of educational workshops, CoreView helped Fugro optimize their Microsoft 365 licenses – saving time, money, and reducing the chaos of M365.

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