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Fugro is the world’s largest integrator of geotechnical, survey, subsea, and geosciences information services for clients, typically oil and gas, telecommunications cable, and infrastructure companies. Their consulting services empower organizations by acquiring and interpreting earth and engineering data to enable companies with the insights needed to plan enterprise level construction projects or infrastructure deployments.


CoreView has enabled Fugro to optimize its license management and partition Microsoft Office 365 into a set of virtual tenants assigned for each line of business and geographic location in the company. These virtual tenants have provided a completely segmented environment with the appropriate security boundaries to delegate admin rights, enable detailed activity reporting, and assign license pools that allow each business division to monitor and manage their license costs independently. Specific improvements to the management of Office 365 include the following:

Admin Rights Delegation
CoreView has enabled Fugro to effectively segment its Microsoft Office 365 tenant into separate groupings, or virtual tenants based on 60 different country locations. Each business unit has been assigned a set of administrators who were delegated specific tasks and capabilities to successfully manage each user community.

License Management
CoreView gives Fugro an easy way to manage the license allocations for each business unit by using separate license pools. These license pools enable the IT team to assign binding license allotments to all business units, which allows them to efficiently monitor and manage their own license costs.

User Activity Reporting
All Microsoft Office 365 log file information is exposed within CoreView and stored for a full year, which has empowered the Fugro IT group to perform forensic analysis and research user actions across all workloads. These insights provide valuable information about the collaboration and communication methods within the organization and enable the IT team to quickly answer questions about user activity.

IT Pain Points

With a dedicated corporate IT group supporting both Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, the Fugro IT management team understood the value of investing in a full-featured, unified management solution. After using the free Admin Center portal, Fugro quickly came to realize that the reporting and administration features offered by Microsoft were lacking the detailed capabilities to effectively manage their distributed businesses in 60 different countries around the world.

A major requirement was the ability to assign License Pools for each business unit. Since many of the business units operate as siloed departments with their own budgets, they wanted to ensure that accurate cost accounting was set up within the Microsoft Office 365 tenant to control license distribution accordingly. Microsoft Office 365 provides only a “single bucket” admin approach for available licenses, which resulted in confusion when monthly accounting reports were applied. Consequently, the IT team knew it needed a more flexible management approach to optimize its license ownership and accounting.

Fugro also required specific reporting on a regular basis to monitor adoption trends and repurpose licenses from inactive accounts. Without insight into usage by workload within each business unit, and up to-date information on active versus inactive users, the IT groups recognized that it would be nearly impossible to proactively maintain an accurate subscription model for executive cost reviews.

A Comprehensive Solution

Fugro attended an overview webinar in the spring of 2018 about a SaaS based management solution for Office 365 called CoreView. They identified CoreView as the most comprehensive management and reporting solution to meet their business needs and help them optimize their license management for Office 365.

In May 2018, Fugro moved forward with the deployment of CoreView. The solution has been instrumental in the company’s newfound ability to manage its business units as separate entities—with accurate and uniform cost accounting for license ownership.

CoreView’s license management features have been extremely valuable to Fugro. The central IT group is now able to assign independent license pools to each business unit. Before CoreView was configured some business units would over-allocate their license subscriptions from the global pool instead of reharvesting inactive account licenses. This prevented other business units that were starting new projects and hiring new employees from using available licenses that they owned.

Since the CoreView solution was deployed, the central IT group has been able to more accurately manage license subscriptions and pass the responsibility of repurposing inactive accounts to the remote business units. This has helped Carlo and his team implement a proactive license management methodology to ensure Fugro is rarely oversubscribed.

Future Plans

Fugro is focused on increased monitoring of security compliance within Office 365. To assist Fugro’s IT group with real-time monitoring and alerts, the new CoreView security compliance dashboard will be implemented this fall. This will enable their IT administrators to configure specific query probes that will quickly identify any compliance issues and alert them immediately.​

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