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Teams Rapid Deployment with Governance: The CoreView Solution


Part Four of a Four Part Series

Veteran IT pros understand the value of a well-oiled IT machine that is efficient, safe, abides by compliance regulations, and fully serves the strategic business needs of the organization through proper IT governance.

Now that Microsoft Teams is taking over collaboration and communications for many enterprises, including those now rapidly deploying the solution to support remote work, these same IT managers need to insure the Microsoft collaboration solution helps meet all these goals – and that means supporting true Teams governance, regulatory compliance, and that O365 and its end users comply with the organization’s security policies.

We spoke with CoreView’s Mark Evans, Microsoft Alliance Lead and Head of Special Projects, about:

  • How to ‘bake in’ governance during your Microsoft Teams deployment
  • How to eliminate shadow IT as a risk to governance
  • Optimizing Teams as well as your entire SaaS environment

CoreView: How are you defining governance?
Evans: What does governance actually mean? It’s not just avoiding chaos – it’s a combination of establishing standards and operating procedures, getting the organization to adhere to them, keeping things secure, and being responsive to changes. Here are some examples. One very, very large health care provider used CoreView to rein in the chaos. They deployed Teams, and within a few months, had literally hundreds of thousands of channels. CoreView’s most popular features, Virtual Tenants and RBAC, allowed them to quickly rationalize that number, and get control over who could do what. Second, using CoreView’s extensive data to customize adoption and learning campaigns for users of different devices is a real-world application. In fact, that data on activity and configuration is so deep and so extensive, it can be used to understand how people are, and are not, using Teams. Another prominent example is using CoreView to secure Teams and other apps when people are working remotely, outside the VPN.

Bringing Shadow IT Under Control

CoreView: Where does shadow IT come into the IT governance equation?
Evans: Being able to discover and manage shadow IT is another aspect of CoreView. There are massive amounts of data collected by CoreView. That enables fantastically detailed information about costs and licenses, and therefore enables you to both optimize your licenses and allocate chargebacks to groups with real accuracy and defensibility — because you have numbers behind it.

Total SaaS Optimization

CoreView: Does all this lead to the broader compelling notion of total SaaS optimization?
Evans: The biggest, broadest benefit is simply optimizing your SaaS environment. Chances are you are using many different SaaS products. Keys are figuring out what your organization should be using, how it should use those solutions, who should be using them, and then getting them to use it.
CoreView’s vast amount of collected data, and the ability to do adoption campaigns that work across many different products, mean you will actually get the return on investment that you need from all that expensive software – and making sure you are using it the right way.

CoreView Teams Adoption Packages – Free and Premium

CoreView: Tell us about the free version of CoreView’s Teams Rapid Deployment with Governance.
Evans: CoreView actually has two packages to deliver Teams governance features, functionality and benefits. There is a free package and a Full Governance Plus package. The free package has a lot of functionality. The simplest part is learning – which is extremely easy to install and get up and running. This solution includes dozens of bite-sized, 30-second to three-minute video tutorials embedded directly into Teams, delivering the right info at the right time. No one leaves the workflow, or goes to YouTube to see cat videos. The Teams learning is right there exactly when they need it.

On the adoption side, there is a bunch of preset, preconfigured campaigns to get people using Teams and increase their utilization. They’re not just using it once in a while — but using it across all of the different elements of Teams, and doing so on a consistent basis. It is like a CRM campaign for sales purposes, but targeting your internal people to make sure they are doing the Teams work they should be doing. You get the most out of Teams investment, and increase your collaboration.

CoreView: How is the Full Governance Plus package different from the freemium version
Evans: What is not included in the free package is a lot of the governance — identifying how you roll Teams out in a way that avoids chaos, and increases adherence to policies and increases security. The Full Governance Plus package delivers this governance, plus features, functionality and benefits for the adoption and learning side.

Learning and Adoption — How do I Find and Install Teams with Governance?

CoreView: How do I find and install Teams with Governance?
Evans: Go to, search for ‘how to’, find it and install. An even easier way is to launch Teams, and in the bottom-left corner, there is a button for Apps. Just search for “how to” and install it from there.
Once you put it inside a channel, it appears in the top navigation, as shown by the red circle in the following screen shot. It becomes a drop-down item where people can see videos. What do those videos actually look like? First, they are embedded — right in the workflow. No interruption of work. It is just, “I have a question. I need to learn how to do something.” Then “here’s how to do it.” Bam, done.

CoreView: How else can I get this?
The good news is whichever way you decide to go, free or premium, the place to start is the same, at Signing up there gets you into either path, whichever one makes sense. You could start with the free one and expand to the Full Governance Plus if that makes sense.

To get started, it is extremely simple. Go to, sign up, then the free how-to app is very easy to find, very easy to install. Getting up and running takes just a minute. Once you have got going, talking with CoreView about how to do more is a step we would love you to take. We would love to help you become more effective at managing and administering your Office 365 environment.

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