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Microsoft Teams Total Indispensability Proven By – A Three Hour Outage!


If there was any question of the productivity importance of Microsoft Teams, it was answered yesterday morning – when the system went down for three hours.

At CoreView, we felt it firsthand. As an Office 365 management, adoption and security vendor, we use Teams to the hilt – files, chat, and meetings galore all depend on this Microsoft collaboration solution. Work did not exactly screech to a halt, but we all struggled to maintain high levels of productivity and communications.

Simply put, people were not happy. Teams meetings were suddenly handled by Zoom – dipping our toes into Shadow IT was part of the scramble. Our friendly work chat on Teams about everyone’s horrible first cars went dormant, reminding us that Teams offers a personal touch in boosting comradery – critical to a healthy work environment.   

Fortunately, the outage was short-lived, and was due, of all things, to Microsoft neglecting to renew an SSL certificate that allowed a safe connection between the web server and web browsers – the lifeblood of O365. Instead of seeing chat sessions and calendars, Teams users got a failure to establish an HTTPS connection error message.

Reddit’s Tip for Microsoft

Reddit users lament the loss of Teams, however temporary. “In my office, I was on an important discussion with remote people, and suddenly teams logged out and never signed in. I was in a hurry that my office card has been charged and had to create an immediate WhatsApp group for discussion,” one poster bemoaned.

Another Reddit poster saw the outage as close to a disaster. “Hundreds of meetings occur every day in our organization originating from Teams Meetings,” the poster said, adding that as an IT professional, he had many messages – just not from Teams chat! “I answered many inquiries about the app being unavailable and it being a hindrance towards productivity. About an hour into the outage we sent out an email communication to all employees, and we sent a follow up after it was resolved,” the poster said.

Of course, being Reddit, folks had to poke a little fun, and had this advice from our long lost friend Clippy.

Our CoreView story mirrors that of millions of Teams users, filled with frustration, productivity loss, and when the system came back, a renewed appreciation of the immense value of Teams. But our three hours of diminished productivity is more than compensated by months and years of dedicated and reliable Teams service, and the returns it brought.

Speaking of Returns

In scanning IT forums, we did not run across much criticism of Microsoft, as mistakes do happen. Instead, there was a deep sense of irony that the otherwise security conscious software giant from Redmond made such an oversight. However, it was not a security error that made Teams unsafe. Instead, Teams shut down because there was no secure connection.

Teams will surely weather this little storm, and will continue to grow due in large to measure to the stunning economic impact of Teams.

In fact, Forrester detailed this impact in its report “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams”. The most amazing finding is that ROI on Teams adoption is a spectacular 832%.

Forrester finds that Teams, with some many collaboration solutions in one place, saves employees from 1.1 to 8 hours a week. Moreover, Forrester argues that Teams represents 25% of the price of an Office 365 license, so if it is not used, that is a lot of wasted value.

Teams’ payback, meanwhile, is a mere six months as this Forrest chart shows.

You Can Do Your Own Teams Economic Analysis

The 32-page Forrester Report The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams, offers formulas you can apply to your own Teams workloads, and to measure the value of a successful Teams migration campaign, which can be easily tracked on an ongoing basis.

Forrester interviewed an array of companies and used the results to form a composite view based on 5,000 end users. Here is a synopsis of key findings:

Teams puts an array of solutions in one service, improving information sharing, collaboration and holding meetings that are more efficient. Time saved: 1.1 to 8.0 hours per user per week. You can calculate your time saved by multiplying the number of end users who adopt Teams by 1.1-8.0. For a thousand users, you save 1,000-8,000 hours per week.

The time saved by more efficient and therefore fewer meetings over three years has an economic value of $6.9 million for the 5,000 employees represented in the Forrester research.

Collaboration is vastly improved, saving Information workers 4 hours each week. This represents a three years savings of $14.3 million for the composite organization. Meanwhile, that same collaboration solution improved decision makers’ time-to-decision 17.7%.

Because Teams contains so much function and is the hub for all Office 365 applications, less time is spent switching amongst applications. “Information workers save 15 minutes per day and firstline workers 5 minutes per day by having features and information sources available within Teams, rather than switching between apps. Time savings cover the mechanics of switching and cognitive re-engagement. The total savings over three years is nearly $4.8 million,” the Forrester report found.

Here are some other findings:

  • “Having resources available in one cloud-based location reduces user downtime. Across all information and firstline workers, the average reduction is 14.6%. Over three years, the time savings (which is a proxy for business damage or lost revenue) is worth $257,586.”
  • “IT compliance and eDiscovery costs are reduced by 13.2%. The total three-year savings for the composite organization in relevant compliance costs attributed to Teams is $42,050.”

CoreView Helps Optimize Teams Productivity and Adoption 

Moving users from Skype to Teams, and then fully optimizing Teams use, seems like a daunting task. Luckily, CoreView does not see it that way. Our CoreLearning and CoreAdoption solutions greatly ease the work of moving users from the nearly defunct Skype to Teams, and promoting effective Teams use.

CoreView examines the entire Office 365 environment, finds the usage of Skype on a macro and individual level, as well as the usage of Teams. It identifies those folks that do not use, or underuse Teams, and creates custom adoption campaigns.

Meanwhile CoreAdoption’s sister solution CoreLearning, has over 2,500 short tutorial videos that use Just in Time Learning (JITL) to teach the user as they actually work in the application. We then track their progress and recast the adoption campaigns to promote further progress.

That is how CoreView’s CoreAdoption make moving to Teams and maximizing employee productivity by optimizing usage simply and fast.

See firsthand how CoreAdoption helps by requesting a demo.

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