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Microsoft Teams Usage monitoring


Introducing Microsoft Teams Usage monitoring in CoreView

The myriad of features available in cloud services makes it hard to keep track of all the valuable information about their usage. Gaining insights into your Office 365 and Azure usage has become a fundamental task for all administrators these days. These data items are necessary to analyze the ROI for the cloud services investment an organization has made.

A few months ago, we released a new usage consumption dashboard where administrators can obtain a transparent overview of all Office 365 workload usage. Yes, this is all viewable in a single dashboard. We have recently added several new features to this usage dashboard that might interest you. Now, you can also have a clear view of all the statistics related to the usage of Microsoft Teams.

As shown in the picture below, the CoreView consumption dashboard provides a single point of access for monitoring detailed insights into your Microsoft Teams usage along with the other Office 365 workloads. The dashboard also makes it easier to monitor the costs for your cloud services and identify possible savings by reporting the usage of different workloads, or lack there of, to better understand your over-subscription status.


(The CoreView consumption dashboard with Microsoft Teams usage included)

4ward365 consumption dashboard with Microsoft Teams usage included

You can use the dashboard as a source for relevant data to help you efficiently manage licenses of your organization. With this data, you can proactively drive adoption and effectively monitor license distribution and inactive accounts that can be re-harvested. These reports will help identify users who need additional training or incentives to adopt certain workloads. Then administrators can organize and drive targeted adoption campaigns for those specific user groups.

**Note: All data items for these reports are generated in real-time with the most up-to-date information available in Office 365. And these reports can be added to the ‘Favorite Report’ views by simply clicking on the star icon close the report name to enable quick access from the ‘Analyze’ tab once you log into the portal.

Curious to view this updated Office 365 consumption dashboard within your environment? If you already have CoreView deployed you can find this report under the ‘Analyze’ tab together with other Office 365 reports. Otherwise, don’t wait and signup for our free demo to see these features in action. CoreView is the most advanced Office 365 management suite available on the market.

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