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Monitor external sign-ins to Azure AD


When working closely with external organizations, partners or agencies, you may need to grant some type of access to your resources stored in Office 365. You can then leverage the external sharing features of SharePoint Online or OneDrive to share content with people outside your organization.

If your organization has decided to go down this common path, then it’s very important to closely monitor those external access privileges and keep track of the associated activities. A standard requirement for Office 365 administrators is creating a list of all resources that were accessed by users outside of the organization. To simplify this step, we’ve created a new “Sign-ins External” report.**

Using this new report, Office 365 admins can easily visualize who performed the external access, when it happened, what content the external user has access to and from what geographic location. This is extremely helpful and more efficient for monitoring external access rights.

External sign-ins report to Azure AD

We have also enhanced this report with geo representation for location mapping searches, along with pivot point analysis from directly inside the report.

External sign-ins map to Azure AD

Using V-tenants inside CoreView enables Office 365 admins to segment the information in this report. If you assign a specific administrator to ONLY view a subset of users, then that is the only grouping of user activity which will be shown in the Office 365 sign-in external report for them.

These reports can also be added to the ‘Favorite Report’ area by clicking on the star icon close the report name. This enables quick and easy access under the ‘Analyze’ tab once you have logged into the portal. The columns can also be filtered, and as with other reports in CoreView, it is simple to export, save, print, or schedule the report to run on a regular basis.

In the top right corner of the table you can also adjust the time interval for the data items shown in the report. By using the drop-down picklist: yesterday, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days, or your preferred range, it is possible to filter the information quickly to see only the date range that fits your reporting needs.

Would you like to view this report within your environment? If you already have CoreView deployed, you can find this report under the ‘Analyze’ tab together with other Office 365 reports. Otherwise, signup today for our free demo to see these features in action.

**Note:Your tenant must have an Azure AD Premium license associated with it to see the all up sign-in activity report

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