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Did You Know You Have a Huge Malware Blind Spot? Take Those Blinders Off!


On November 2, 1988, the Morris worm, brainchild of Robert Tappan Morris, devastated DEC VAX and Sun Microsystems machines, wreaking widespread havoc – and scaring the pants off MIS Directors (IT bosses were called this at the time) around the world. While not the first bit of virus or malware, this was the very first worm to spread widely and cause extensive damage.

Thirty-two years later malware is totally out of control – there were 9.9 billion malware attacks last year alone.

No Way of Tracking and Blocking Spread of Malware

Despite best efforts, malware routinely gets through anti-virus/anti-malware defenses, especially zero day attacks – and spreads like wildfire.

Luckily there is an answer. “CoreView addresses those issues by providing auditing tools for cloud operations. Any anti-virus software in the world can show there is malware on a particular device. CoreView shows you every single file accessed, and every single action taken by an administrator or a user since they had a security event on one of their devices. That is how we prevent malware like ransomware from going on, and on, and on, and on – spreading throughout the organization. We proactively see and report on what was touched and then do a deeper dive analysis on those actions,” said Matt Smith, CoreView solution architect. “No anti-virus or end point protection tools do this.”

By speeding up security audits and performing more efficient forensic analysis, IT quickly closes any security issues when they are identified. And these issues are out there. The KnockKnock and ShurL0ckr attacks that focus on Office 365 have been active since May 2017 – and are still running – along with newer O365-specific malware exploits. Finding the audit trail to identify these types of attacks is extremely difficult, and requires assistance from specialized tools that have powerful security auditing and analysis capabilities – like those offered by CoreView.

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