November 25, 2020
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The CoreView Team
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The Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center is the web-based portal where Microsoft 365 administrators manage user accounts and configuration settings for applications like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams.

M365 administration is a cobbling together of all sorts of IT-specific responsibilities.

To make these various processes possible, Microsoft provides the Microsoft Admin Center, which is made up of a collection of various tools and resources that help M365 admins manage their tenant, users, IAM, teams, subscriptions and more.

Many M365 shops, especially smaller organizations, make do with the native M365 Admin Center, and often do not know an alternative exists.

Many that know about alternatives still ask “Isn’t the Microsoft 365 Admin Center enough my enterprise? Don’t they have admin centers to handle all the applications and services?”

As this question suggests, there isn’t just one Microsoft 365 admin center. Instead, there are a dozen or so distinctly different admin centers — each aimed at different applications and services, each with a different approach —often a very different approach.

That is the problem.

It is too much for one administrator to know and master all these areas, and it is cumbersome to jump in and out of different admin centers to manage all of Microsoft 365.

Native Microsoft 365 administration has too much complexity, too much scripting, a lack of automation, too little workflow and policy management, and no singular view and control center.

Many admin tasks, even fairly simple ones, require manual processes and PowerShell scripting. This scripting is time-consuming to create, and it takes a long time for the script to gather the data.

Add to that the fact that there is often no centralized storage for these PowerShell scripts, which means that they are often written and rewritten by various administrators over time, and the cumulative cost in terms of time and resources starts to come into view. Moreover, even after the data in question has been collected, there is not always an easy and clear way to report – or act meaningfully – with the data at hand.

How does CoreView Make the Life of a Microsoft 365 Administrator Easier?

When using the various Native Microsoft 365 Admin Centers, IT teams need to be comprised of specialists, in say Exchange or SharePoint, to do a good job with administration.

Each user interface is different, and ways in which you gather data to build reports can be quite distinct.

Additionally, almost all processes are PowerShell driven or manually intensive, which makes them far more error prone than established, automated and repeatable processes.

With CoreView, one administrator can manage all the services and features included with their M365 tenant from a single, web-based user interface.

This makes it much simpler and more efficient to dive deep into tenant data without the need for scripting or manual processes.

Moreover, once a specific automated workflow is created, it is readily available for anyone else who is authorized to use it, which means there is far less need for specialized expertise in all aspects of M365 across your full IT team.

And while a single administrator could theoretically manage all aspects of your M365 deployment with CoreView, there is still the reality of limited working hours in a given week.

Sometimes, tasks pile up, and this can slow down other departments within your organization as well.

To alleviate this, CoreView includes the ability to define “perfect permissions” for administrative users who need access to certain elements of the M365 controls, but – for the sake of security – cannot be granted full administrative privileges.

This means that your central IT team can delegate tasks with highly specific permissions to appropriate managers who are relying on those tasks being completed.

This serves to both speed up these tasks for the involved stakeholders, and it reduces your central IT team’s workload, so they can focus primarily on tasks that only they are qualified and able to carry out.

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