Base Office 365 Budgets & Chargebacks on Usage

Each department in your company uses Office 365 differently. Make your budgets and chargebacks more accurate with SKU data mapped to your business units, departments, locations and more.

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“…an effective chargeback mechanism allows IT costs to scale up or down based on demand and usage.”

“IT Budgets: It’s Time to Rethink Your Chargebacks” — CIO.com

How We Address IT Budgeting Efforts

Cost Allocation

Determine the Itemized Cost of Licenses by Business Unit, Location and More

CoreAdmin lets you insert the net costs for your license SKUs into reports broken down by specific attributes like business unit, department, location and team. That way you can see how costs are actually distributed.

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Cost Reclamation

Reclaim IT Overspend by Reallocating Inactive Licenses to Teams in Need

CoreAdmin lets you reclaim your IT spend by helping you find inactive Office 365 accounts and reallocate them to regions and departments with higher software demand—all without leaving the management suite.

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Assign Chargeback Costs to Your Teams Based on Their Usage

Tailor your chargeback scheme to your business by breaking down costs according to items like the number of licenses per department, the active usage of Office 365 accounts or the amount of data storage required.

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Budget Planning

Plan Next Year's IT Spend with Usage Reports and Reallocation Plans

It’s hard to predict how budgets should be spent each year, but with CoreAdmin reports you can make more educated assumptions. Get insights on things like which countries have growing IT demands and which departments have inactive products to reallocate.

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How We're Different From Competitors

CoreView products are designed with the multi-office, Microsoft-savvy enterprise user in mind. 

We're Azure Specialists

Since CoreView products run in Azure, you only log in once, customer-sensitive data is kept secure and it’s easy to perform integrated management actions.

We Accommodate Global Teams

CoreView supports RBAC, can house multiple tenants in the same portal and even offers multi-translation training videos, so you can grow teams in every time zone.

We Anticipate Your Growth

With CoreView you can run custom reports, integrate your Powershell scripts into our menus and even address compliance and adoption as business grows. 

See what our customers say

Ismael Carlo GlobalITServicesManager Fugro@2x

The CoreView solution has been instrumental in our newfound ability to manage our business units as separate entities – with accurate and uniform cost accounting for license ownership.”

Ismael Carlo

Global IT Services Manager


Joshua Fritsch VP of Information Technology AccuWeather

For the money spent to value received, the CoreView product has provided us the biggest ROI for any of our IT management tools by far.”

Joshua Fritsch

VP of Information Technology


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Since the solution was deployed in late 2016, we have found close to 400 accounts that were licensed, but inactive. With this information, my team can continually monitor for inactive licenses and then reassign or revoke them, which greatly improves our budget forecasts. “

Daniel Park

Information Systems Manager

The Wonderful Company

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Attendees will receive

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License Management

Assign license pools and integrate custom PowerShell scripts for tailored reporting.

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Security & Compliance

Monitor data sharing, suspicious login attempts and more with custom alerts.

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Delegated Admin Rights

Reduce the number of global admin accounts needed, saving costs and improving security.

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New Product Adoption

Track usage activity and create customized SaaS product adoption campaigns.