Complex Corporations Need Deep and Simple Microsoft 365 Management

Conglomerates and Multinationals have complex, ever changing and regularly attacked IT environments. See the entire Microsoft 365 tenant, manage it with action-enabled reports, and boost IT efficiency with automated workflows.

“We find that in attempting to serve new markets more efficiently, companies have created new organizational bottlenecks. They have complicated their decision-making by moving responsibility from country operations (in consultation with a corporate center) to regional headquarters (with responsibility divided in the name of consensus and inclusion). In the process, they have built management matrices that are even more confusing than the ones they replaced.”

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we address
Security &
Monitor data sharing, suspicious login attempts and more with custom alerts.
Budgeting &
Get usage reports by sub-tenant or department for easy billing and cost transparency.
Admin Rights
Reduce the number of global admin accounts needed, saving costs and improving security.
New Product Adoption
Track usage activity and create customized SaaS product adoption campaigns.