Does your Microsoft 365 environment fit your business model?

Large organizations are managing complex, often disparate Microsoft 365 environments. Typically, this either means managing everything in one centralized Microsoft 365 tenant – and having to support everything through central IT, or managing many separate tenants and the headaches that separate management brings.

Pros and cons of privileges in Microsoft

Delegate with Virtual Tenants and Perfect Permissions

What if you could slice and dice a single M365 tenant in almost unlimited ways, empowering local IT specialists or admins to add, manage and support their own users while maintaining control and ensuring compliance?

With CoreView Virtual Tenants, you can segment your tenant by almost any criteria – from agencies to departments or teams, or even by role or other criteria.

Want to put all users with area code 352 into a separate group? With Virtual Tenants you can, and any new users who fit the criteria will be automatically included.

Then, you can assign incredibly granular, specialized “perfect permissions” for each Virtual Tenant to the proper admins. Want to allow a marketing operations person to add new users and assign licenses, but only within their department? No problem.

Want to enable only managers to create new teams in Microsoft Teams? Virtual Tenants combined with granular role-based access controls create unlimited combinations to support your specific needs.

Jefferson County Library Virtual Tenants

Benefits of Virtual Tenants and Perfect Permissions

With CoreView, you can delegate administration while maintaining full oversight of your environment, and layer in automation that helps your team move at full speed.

And all those departments or regions you support? Instead of supporting everyone in a single tenant, handling hundreds of requests a day and struggling to keep up, you’ve granted department admins the ability to address requests themselves.

This means offloading most requests to local admins, so central IT can focus on the more complex or higher-level issues. And freeing up time to do the more strategic tasks, like monitoring compliance with internal policies and optimizing license usage, supported by readily available reporting and automation to alert you if something unusual occurs.

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