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CoreView Acquires Westerly Media / LightUp 365

Atlanta, GA, July 16, 2018

CoreView, the global leader in Microsoft Office 365 management solutions, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Westerly Media Limited, a company focused on helping enterprise organizations train their users on all aspects of Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft platform capabilities.

As customers grow their cloud services from Microsoft, it can be challenging to provide anytime, anywhere training options for users. The on-demand video solution from Westerly Media’s product called LightUp 365 provides that type of watch anywhere, learn everywhere, capability. Their videos can be viewed from mobile devices, workstations or laptops on the go. LightUp 365 has over 2,000 videos that provide very specific learning scenarios focused on specific activities for different job tasks.

“We’re excited to bring the LightUp 365 team and their technology to CoreView,” said David Moran, CEO of CoreView. “We have seen the positive impact the LightUp 365’s training videos have made on increasing Office 365 workload adoptions for our customers.”

This acquisition fits squarely into CoreView’s commitment to empower customers with the solutions they need to govern their cloud adoption and realize the strategic benefits of Office 365. CoreView gives enterprise customers an integrated, unified solution to manage all components of their environment, including Azure AD. As a Microsoft partner, CoreView has supported the long-term commitment to help customers accelerate their Microsoft cloud adoption.


CoreView is the global leader in Office 365 management solutions. It provides a fully integrated product that incorporates Monitoring, Reporting, Management, Customizable Administration and Training/Adoption to help customers stay in control of their Office 365 deployment. The comprehensive features and the advanced functionality built into CoreView allow organizations to improve security, streamline administration, optimize licensing, and empower usage adoption. CoreView’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by a close alliance with Microsoft as a Gold Certified Partner.


LightUp 365 helps end users get the most out of Office 365 by delivering on-demand video training and help. With video-based training portals integrated via single sign-on into the Office 365 experience (and with all videos being fully searchable), training content is easily discoverable by end users when they need it. Along with our 2,000+ videos that come out-of-the-box, you can easily add your own training and customize the user experience with very simple steps. The sophisticated, mature features of the platform also enable customers to use the product as a full enterprise learning platform, complete with rich analytics and usage tracking.


Rick Marquardt, Chief Marketing Officer

Carl Baumann, VP Americas

Westerly Media / LightUp 365
Martin Harwar, Managing Director
+44 7815 868466

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