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Gartner’s Cool Vendors


We are pleased to announce that CoreView, formerly known as 4ward365, has been named as one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors for the Digital Dexterity and AI for the Digital Workplace.

The award was given in recognition of CoreView’s ability to help foster and scale rapid user adoption of Microsoft Office 365 with targeted training campaigns based on usage metrics. It also enables optimization and service configuration fine-tuning to meet business requirements and achieve cost savings.

Office 365 deployments are growing rapidly in the enterprise market. According to the 2017 Gartner Research Circle Survey, over 60% of respondents had deployed it and another 25% planned to do it within six months. But multiple challenges affect Office 365 buyers, particularly in mid-large deployments. Buyers need flexible license management to deal with varying demand, and enhanced service administration to support the delegation of admin rights. Organizations struggle to drive service adoption beyond email and Office productivity apps.

CoreView provides a unified management solution that provides IT admins with complete visibility and control over many Office 365 aspects, including:

Tenant segmentation — to partition a tenant into smaller, more manageable subtenants, and to assign discrete ownership over those user communities, including the assignment of license pools.

Monitoring and reporting — on service availability and alerting for outages.

License management — to monitor license distribution and assign license allotments to business units, while monitoring inactive accounts and enabling accurate chargeback accounting.

Security auditing — to inspect log les, perform forensic analysis, monitor actions in Azure AD and identify compliance issues (e.g., for data shared with external addresses or permission changes to executive mailboxes).

Workload adoption — to monitor adoption trends and create personalized, job-specific adoption campaigns with integrated training videos.

CoreView CTO Ivan Fioravanti stated “we are delighted to receive this award from Gartner in recognition of the value we have delivered to our customers” .

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