CoreView Release 21.09: User Interface Improvements, Endpoint Manager, and More Workflows

Whew – our dev team has been working overtime to bring you some new and exciting updates! We’d like to highlight a couple of key updates we’ve been working on to bring you even more automation and simplification:

Updated User Interface

We’ve heard your suggestions and are working to deliver an updated, easier-to-use interface that helps you get things done even faster.  The first step on this journey is now live with a redesigned UserCard Info tab that gives you access to everything you need in one place.  Manage users more quickly with in-line actions and the ability to customize so you can see the data you need.

Improved Support for Endpoint Manager

We know handling all of the many devices across your organization is challenging – and we’ve been working to bring a variety of Intune device actions into CoreView, so you don’t have to go else where to get things done. You probably noticed the last release had a whole host of new actions, and this release only continues that trend with the introduction of new actions for iOS devices.

More (and Better!) Workflows

We believe in the life-changing power of automation – so we have been working to deliver a whole list of workflow improvements that help you work smarter and simplify.  This includes better management of SharePoint and OneDrive within CoreView.

Keep reading for the full detail of the features and updates for this release:

The latest version of CoreView is now available.  More than 20 bug fixes and tech improvements have been delivered, including:

User Experience – New design of the UserCard available on the info tab

The new CoreView user experience is launching starting with the UserCard. The info tab has been totally redesigned and engineered for better usability. The most important data has been filtered into individual widgets where you can manage a user's details and take quick action from each.

The new UserCard allows for faster management within-line action directly within the widgets. Remaining management actions are available in their own side tab.

A custom widget is available for you to select two additional points of data on a user that may be needed more frequently.

The new experience is currently only available on the info tab. You can still quickly switch to additional tabs using the drop-down.

Watch the video and learn more about how the new User Card is different from the old experience;

Endpoint Manager – New Actions for iOS devices

You can now execute two new Management Actions for iOS devices via Endpoint Manager - “Disable lost mode” and “Shut down.”

Workflow – Password Input type now available

In the past, managing passwords through workflows required operators to enter passwords using the string input type. The new Password input type follows security best practices by hiding the password being entered and enforces complex rules for setting passwords on a user.

Password Input type now available

Workflow – Failed workflow error available as Input

Previously, we enabled alternate workflows to execute if a main workflow failed for some reason. However, the error of the main workflow was unknown. We now support an input that holds the reason for the error. This allows a workflow to send an email to an operator alerting them to the failure and explain the error in the message. You can even update a ServiceNow item with the error message within a workflow.

Workflow – Retrieve Data from Teams Objects

Data from Teams group objects can be retrieved using our 'Retrieve data from object' workflow action. This allows you execute new workflow actions like retrieving the number of external members on a Teams group. For security purposes and to control an organizations Teams sprawl, you can identify external members and remove them.

Workflow – Support for 5 new SharePoint Management Actions

All existing SharePoint management actions are now available within CoreView. These include:

  • CreateTeams site
  • Create communication site
  • Restore site from recycle bin
  • Remove site from recycle bin
  • Set SharePoint quota
Support for 5 new SharePoint Management Actions

Workflow – OneDrive Management Actions

We now support more actions for OneDrive and Mailboxes within workflow.

  • Add OneDrive owners in bulk
  • Remove OneDrive owners in bulk
  • Forward address
OneDrive Management Actions

Manager Field now available for GuestUsers

Manager information was not available to view or edit if a user was a guest user.  This restricted the ability to manage users who were contractors or temporary employees. It is now visible in User Report and through Management Actions such as the Edit User Details. This allows CoreView operators to see the assigned managers for contractors or other users outside of the organization.

Manager Field now available for GuestUsers

Custom Fields now available for creating a Resource Mailbox

Support of Custom Fields to the Create ResourceMailbox Management Action is now supported. In the past, this was not supported on this type of Mailboxes.

Custom Fields now available for creating a Resource Mailbox