December 4, 2020
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The CoreView Team

Today’s IT admins spend countless hours on mundane tasks, when they should be focused on work that provides a competitive advantage. In the case of Microsoft 365, IT time is better spent tightening security, optimizing application use, connecting users in more collaborative ways, and unlocking the value of new features and services.

Moving admins away from pure grunt work requires new levels of efficiency. In the case of M365, you can reach superior heights of efficiency and eliminate more operator errors with IT automation, which is achieved through workflows.

Unfortunately, native Microsoft 365 Microsoft Flow-based workflows are aimed at making end-users more efficient, not administrators. These Microsoft workflows help knowledge workers create basic integrations and productivity efficiencies similar to the old batch files end-users used to automate things, and like the ways Microsoft automated processes for end-users in the old Microsoft Office with low-level scripting technologies.

Doing M365 Workflows Right

In contrast, CoreView’s business value sweet spot is empowering IT administrators with time-saving tools that drive efficiencies and reduce the amount of manual effort needed to perform their day-to-day management tasks for Microsoft 365.

CoreView’s CoreSuite solution automates M365 IT tasks through easy-to-build workflows, replacing complicated manual tasks with one-click error-free completion. Automating those processes improves key operations, generates opportunities to save money through efficient license management, far fewer admin man-hours, while reducing overall security risks.

With workflow, admin actions are event-based. When something happens in the M365 environment, CoreView picks it up and takes over from there. That event might be a user being renamed, a user moving from one location to another, a ticket that’s being passed to CoreView via a tool such as ServiceNow – items like that.

Automating configuration and policy duties with workflow transforms policy management from a manual and error-prone process to one that is intuitive, easy, and automated. As one customer noted

We view CoreView as experts in the field that can guide us to the most pertinent parts of the M365 ecosystem and integrate best practices into workflows,” said Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director, Jefferson County Library Cooperative.

Workflow Challenges Solved

A chart that compares the common challenges of workflows
Microsoft Office 365 workflow challenges and solutions to help automate tasks in your tenet.

Getting To The Core

With CoreSuite Workflow Automation, customizable IT admin process steps will run automatically from the CoreView workflow engine. Different steps can be chained together so they are performed in the appropriate sequence. All management actions can be used in a workflow, including custom PowerShell scripts, opening the door to unlimited automation scenarios.

Meanwhile, by automating the activities of your M365 experts, as well as empowering them to securely delegate specific admin tasks to regional support teams and help desk engineers, admin time commitments are greatly reduced. This time savings equates to hard dollar savings in overhead costs for IT departments.

You can also automate configuration and policy duties with a workflow, transforming policy management from a manual and error-prone process to one that is intuitive, easy, and automated.

Think of all this as workflow and process automation (...and here are 4 hacks to boost your Microsoft Automation) . Process automation is a best practice that reduces human error, and delegates and automates complex tasks to lower-skilled operators. Automating those processes improves key operations, and generates opportunities to save money through efficient license management while reducing overall security risks.

The automation of Microsoft 365 processes will help organizations drive consistency and improve performance and quality, as well as reduce IT operational costs by delegating some complex admin tasks to remote IT admins or the help desk.

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