Managing Microsoft 365 Licenses is Complex

Smart IT leaders like you want to ensure that they’re buying the right license for each user, that licenses are being used, and that the right team members have perfect visibility into the costs involved.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide good visibility into license usage. After running hundreds of health checks for enterprise companies, we found:

  • 10-20% of licenses are unused or unassigned with more clearly over-assigned.
  • Extra licenses are “sitting on the shelf” – but the company is still reserving new licenses instead of re-assigning.
  • Attempts to allocate costs and provide accountability through chargebacks or showbacks are complicated or non-existent.
  • Customers are paying anywhere from $5to $50 million each year for Microsoft 365 licenses—making even a little waste add up!

What could you do with an additional $5 to $50 million extra in your IT budget? Read the full Microsoft license benchmarking report here.

Microsoft 365 License Stats

Optimize Costs and Minimize Waste with CoreView

CoreView License Saving Dashboard

With CoreView, you can get license management under control with:

  • Unparalleled visibility into yourMicrosoft 365 tenant and any legacy on-premises environments
  • Out-of-the-box reporting to identify unused, unassigned, and over assigned licenses
  • Virtual Tenants and Perfect Permissions that allows you to subdivide your tenant according to your business model and delegate responsibility for cost cleanup
  • License Pools to simplify chargebacks and automate future license assignments to ensure waste doesn’t creep back in over time

What Happens When It’s All Under Control

With CoreView, you start uncovering cost savings quickly – often within two to three weeks as we help you set up reporting, dashboards, and license pools.

Then, we help you train others – your “Delegated Admins” – so that responsible parties in each business unit, region, or department can manage their own licenses and take action to address waste.

Within just a few months, you’ve gotten your license waste under control, and set up chargeback or showback systems and governance to guard against unwanted and costly waste. Schedule your demo today.

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