Live webinar | August 6, 2024 | 2:00 PM GMT

An action plan for M365 Governance

There are 300+ million Teams users, adding over 2,000 PBs of data to SharePoint monthly. That makes Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint goldmines of sensitive data.Yet, the data shows that IT teams are overwhelmed by Microsoft’s 18+ admin portals, 40+ data silos, and hundreds of APIs.

How can you create a unified Microsoft 365 governance plan—without overwhelming IT and security teams?

Join this webinar and leave with actionable tips around understanding and executing governance practices.

We will cover 5 actions:

  1. Define governance rules and policies – identify stakeholders, policies and rules, and best practices for a robust governance framework.
  2. Detect anomalies to ensure compliance – understand methods and tools to help detect compliance issues and anomalies in your environment.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy – delve into the impacts, causes, and trends tied to anomalies. Learn how to foster communication with stakeholders and make collective, informed decisions on exceptions.
  4. Remediate and manage exceptions – learn how to handle issues of non-compliance using automated remediation processes and recertification.
  5. Communicate across the organization – understand how to create and maintain clear, effective collaboration across various departments, teams, and stakeholders.
  • August 6, 2024
  • 2:00 PM GMT