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Facebook’s Latest Security Breach: What If You Use G Suite?



  1. Yet another Facebook breach gives hackers access to full account details.
  2. Different mechanism, but similar outcome: G Suite users and admins should realize that users signing into applications via the extremely popular Connect with Google button gives those web apps access to corporate data — often full access to email contents, calendars, contacts, and more.
  3. Alpin shows a list of apps with dangerous access, and allows you to blacklist them in 1 click.

The Latest Facebook Breach

Last Friday, September 28, Facebook announced that 50 to 90 million users were affected by a security breach.

combination of bugs was exploited by hackers to get deep access to user accounts.

Facebook reset all affected user accounts, and disabled the View As feature, present on every user’s profile page. Not surprisingly, the View As feature allows the user to see what the page looks like to another user.

So…What Does This Have To Do With G Suite?

Facebook stores massive data sets about each Facebook user.

G Suite stores massive data sets about each G Suite user, and the organization they are part of.

Think of what G Suite contains: all your emails, contacts, calendar events, Google Analytics stats, and much, much more.

Google has made it very easy for users to click a simple Continue with Google button to create an account at tens of thousands of websites and web applications.

The problem: Clicking that button means giving those applications access to corporate data — lots of corporate data.

Your users are allowing applications to read, and often write, the contents of your emails, the details about your contacts, the specifics of your calendar events, etc.

And based on experience gleaned from our customers, you’re looking at not just a few applications, or even a few dozen, but more likely hundreds or even thousands of applications.

Alpin Lists Apps With Dangerous Access, And Allows Blacklisting

Alpin is a SaaS application that discovers and manages other SaaS applications.

Alpin shows a list of apps with dangerous access, and allows you to blacklist them with 1 click.

See what you are up against, and equip yourself with the tools to take control of the situation.

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