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7 Reasons You Need A SaaS Management and Optimization Tool


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Are you considering the need to better manage SaaS at your company? If you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you are.

Cloud apps cause frustration to many people in an organization for a myriad of reasons.Today, we’ll take a quick look at 7 reasons you need a SaaS optimization tool.

Whether you’re simply exploring the need for this kind of tool or justifying purchasing one, these use cases should help you.

1. You were surprised when you heard about or saw a bill for an app used by many employees, and you wondered what else could be out there.



This is you getting the brilliant idea to look for a helpful discovery tool. Imagine your own face is in the picture, otherwise it is a little, well, faceless…

With the right SaaS management tool, you’ll be able to discover all of those apps and answer that curiosity. Whether the discovery takes place through integrations (APIs), expense analysis, or other methods, you need the right tool in order to discover everything being used.

2. You were asked to make sure all software vendors meet company audit and compliance standards. You may have received a spreadsheet and a list of department heads to contact.

audit list
Spend less time chasing software leads and instead just do what you’re good at… bringing order to chaos!

3. You need to cut 10% or more of all expenses across the board, and Accounting exported a really unhelpful file of all expense data from the last 3 years.

paper stack


A messy spreadsheet is a figurative stack of papers. Literally, it is an finely ordered array of atomic and subatomic particles.

Data is useless until it’s organized and becomes information. Instead of trying to organize and manage three years’ worth of expenses – let alone doing the ongoing monitoring – a great SaaS optimization tool can automatically help you identify and categorize cloud software expenses.

4. You want to consolidate SaaS with the same purpose but you are not sure which one is being used the most or why people choose one over others.


It helps if the right choice is obvious. Is the image above obvious enough?

Once again, a great SaaS management tool comes to the rescue. The right tool will let you understand user sentiment about each app,  measure actual usage, and of course simply count the number of licenses for each app.

5. You oversee software asset management (SAM) at your company. Even though desktop licenses haven’t increased substantially, total software spend has. You need to figure out why, and where the money is being spent.



Remember how long it used to take to provision a single PC? But at least you knew what software people used. Well, only when the machine was fresh off the line, but that’s a start!

Combining cloud software discovery with financial information can make for a solid, single dashboard and reporting source for cloud spend. Even better – the right tool will help you report on a software category and department basis.

6. Your CFO said “Yahoo lost $350M in their acquisition price due to data breaches.” And now it’s your job to find and ensure the security of all software, including cloud applications.



Pro tip – avoid storing credit card information in cloud apps without someone in Security telling you not to do it first.

What’s worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack? Trying to find an unknown number of needles in an unknown number of haystacks. But with SaaS management discovery tools, you’ll know what software people use. From there, you’ll be able to ask the right people the right questions and give everyone some assurance about cloud security – the right tool may even empower you to send surveys within the software.

7. You manage collaboration tools. And you’re tired of having to log into the administrator account of over 50 different apps to get the information you need. Plus, you just missed the cancellation date and an auto-renewal kicked in, locking you into another year for an app that no one uses!



Sadly, collaboration apps do not often collaborate with each other – they need a SaaS management intermediary to handle that. Happily, you can get just such a tool.

A SaaS optimization tool can tell you what applications people are using, how many of them use each one, and how often. Imagine getting an alert that a department started using – and paying for – a new video conferencing app, despite the fact that you trained every employee on the company-standard app! A great SaaS management tool will show you all apps and who uses them, by category, such as “video conferencing.”

Looking to try out a SaaS management app? Well, you can sign up right now and try Alpin at no cost. If you’re still learning, check out our ebooks on cutting SaaS costs or dealing with Shadow IT. You’ll learn a lot more about what Alpin can do.

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