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CoreView Joins Microsoft’s “Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart” for Italian Businesses


Microsoft announced a new $1.5 billion investment plan to accelerate digital transformation in Italy and has enlisted CoreView as one of its key strategic partners.

Capitalizing on the original project launched in 2018, the new investment plan, dubbed “Ambition Italy #DigitalRestart,” will create new opportunities and foster digital transformation within the region. Microsoft also launched a new data center within Milan that will allow companies of all sizes and across industries to access local enterprise-level cloud services.

Michael Morrison, CEO at CoreView

“We’re excited to contribute to Microsoft’s innovative program to promote not only the adoption of their innovative enterprise technology, but also help train the next generation of the tech workforce,” said CoreView CEO Michael Morrison. “We’re proud to be selected as a partner as we aim to expand our partnership with Microsoft and expand our global footprint.”

Program participants using Microsoft 365, the top enterprise cloud productivity platform, offers an enhanced integration with innovative solutions including CoreView. CoreView provides the most powerful SaaS management platform (SMP) to help companies using Microsoft 365 minimize security risk, significantly reduce operating costs, and improve productivity. Our platform combines actionable visibility with granular management capabilities in a single-pane interface to help businesses realize the full value of their cloud and SaaS investments.

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