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CoreView Learning and Adoption Solutions Take Top Techgenix Review Honors


Last year, Brien M. Posey, an 18-time Microsoft MVP and influential author, reviewed CoreView’s CoreAdmin and CoreSecurity – two elements of our CoreSuite solution. The only thing left to do was look at the third leg in the CoreSuite stool – CoreAdoption along with its counterpart – CoreLearning.

Having been CIO for a national hospital chain, and lead network engineer for the United States Department of Defense at Fort Knox, Posey knows how important it is that end users truly understand and take full advantage of the software they depend on. In fact, optimizing the productive use of SaaS solutions is key to what Gartner calls Digital Dexterity.

Posey dug in deep, and gave the solution combo a Gold Star in the recent Techgenix review. “CoreLearning and CoreAdoption are designed to work hand and hand in an effort to drive end user adoption of various Office 365 features. As you may recall from my previous reviews, the CoreView platform compiles detailed information about how your users are using Office 365. You can use this information to determine which users are not using the Office 365 features that you would like for them to be using,” Posey explained.

Once CoreView identifies users in need of training, CoreAdoption launches campaigns to drive users to learn more, and CoreLearning, with its Just in Time Learning (JITL) videos take it from there. Afterwards, CoreAdoption can look back to see if this training was effective, and if not, build new campaigns to push more training.

Posey offers an example. “Suppose for a moment that your organization wants users to store data in OneDrive whenever possible. You could use the CoreView platform to look for users who have a large Inbox and a small OneDrive, thereby indicating that those users are probably storing documents in their mailbox rather than on OneDrive. Upon identifying those users, you can target them for OneDrive training.”

This training is easy to set up with a “huge set” of templates you can use out of the box, or make a copy and modify them for your needs. “Each of the default templates are designed to monitor specific metrics. In the example that I gave earlier in which an organization wishes to promote OneDrive adoption, the Administrator would likely use (or copy) the OneDrive Usage Adoption (Reduce E-Mail Attachments) template, which you can see in the figure below. This template monitors users’ average email size and their OneDrive usage. There are numerous other metrics that can also be monitored if necessary,” Posey said.

CoreAdoption guides IT or other professionals through the adoption campaign creation process. For instance, once usage metrics have been defined, CoreAdoption shows what users match the criteria and are therefore candidates for the campaign. Once that is done, managers or IT pros are shown the email composition screen, which is already populated with text related to the campaign – no need to write your own message, though you can customize the email to your heart’s delight.

The message includes links to CoreLearning video tutorials, which handle the training heavy lifting. CoreLearning videos are also available as the worker uses the software through a How To tab, so Teams chat tutorials are exposed when an end user is trying out Teams chat functions.

CoreAdoption Success Measurement

While CoreAdoption defines training and learning needs, and builds campaigns to drive adoption, follow-up is just as critical. “CoreAdoption tracks actual usage metrics to see if there is a quantifiable change in user behavior. For instance, you might notice that user inboxes are shrinking, but OneDrives are growing,” Posey said.

For large shops, and enterprises in particular, campaign tracking is essential, and is surfaced through the Manage Campaigns screen showing all campaigns, including who built the campaign, how many users were targeted and what employees are still active.

That is just the start. “Clicking on a campaign takes you to a dashboard screen that maps out all of the activities associated with the campaign. For example, you can see when your email messages were delivered, read, and when links within the messages were clicked,” Posey explained. “More importantly, you can see how the user metrics have changed over time, which allows you to tell whether or not your campaign was effective.”

So What Did Brien Think?

Like reviews of CoreAdmin and CoreSecurity before it, CoreAdoption and CoreLearning earned a Gold Star.

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