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CoreView Milan Team Keeps Chugging Despite Coronavirus City-Wide Lockdown


On Sunday, February 23, the city of Milan, Italy, ordered citizens under strict quarantine, bringing the city to a standstill, its bustling streets nearly empty, shops closed, businesses shuttered. As if the outbreak of a deadly virus infecting over 400 Milan area residents is not scary enough, putting your life on pause due the shutdown leaves little else to think about.

The dozen or so Milan-based employees of CoreView are not thinking 24×7 about the virus. Developers are focused on bringing new features to the popular SaaS Management Platform (SMP), marketing folks are heads down sorting out a new campaign to increase awareness of CoreView in France, and sales people are reaching out to prospects explaining how to solve SaaS problems and optimize the benefits of their cloud applications.

Why is CoreView’s Milan office so different? Because with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams in particular, these workers do not need their physical office to be 100% productive.  

The same Sunday the quarantine was imposed, CoreView co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Ivan Fioravanti sent the staff a memo.

Hi, super “CoreView Milano”. I would say that since we have the possibility of doing remote working, we should take advantage of it. The Covid-19 situation in Milan is not clear at the moment and therefore I would say to work from home, at least for this week. Let’s see how things go and we will decide together what to do next ? Have a nice Sunday!

The CoreView Milan workers simply started using the same solution that makes them productive while in the physical office – Microsoft Teams.

“Teams helps us avoid the office. The development team, for example, has a private Teams channel where they share messages and call each other. Productivity has not been impacted,” said Jessica Prearo, EMEA Marketing Manager, a Milan area resident. “If they need to make changes to code, they post a message beforehand. If another developer is working on the same area, they can say ‘wait, I need to do something’.”

As a geographically dispersed company with many telecommuters, CoreView has long relied on Teams. As an Office 365 management, adoption and security vendor, we use Teams to the hilt – files, chat, and meetings galore all depend on this Microsoft collaboration solution.

Under the quarantine, Teams video calls and meetings make the Milan crew feel connected. “With video, I have the sensation of being there, putting a face to a voice,” Prearo said. “Teams is the most effective tool to be productive, sharing documents, making phone calls, and using video.”

A virus like Corona, also called COVID-19, is frightening. Working at a job you love with people you enjoy lessens the anxiety. “People are scared, If you can work, you don’t think about it. You can be productive and not think about the Corona virus,” Prearo said.

CoreView Co-Founder Loves Teams, Missed Co-Workers

Ivan Fioravanti may be pleased with the power of Teams, and the undeterred nature of his workforce, but he still misses the personal interaction. “The Coronavirus outbreak was shocking news this weekend. We started to evaluate what to do for this week and on Sunday, we decided go 100% smart working this week. Being a 100% SaaS company has enabled us to work from home without impact on productivity. 

Through Microsoft Teams we are able to continue our cadence of standup, grooming, planning meetings,” Fioravanti said.

The development side is not missing a beat. “Azure DevOps enables us to manage our Scrum/Kanban boards easily.  Our security layers through VPN, Bastion servers, video recording of sessions and more ensure the same great level of security we have day by day. Azure is driving our infrastructure worldwide,” Fioravanti noted.

While being 100% productive, CoreView’s Milan team would prefer to be physically together. “What’s missing? The direct human interaction, the energy, the passion and the fun that have always been at incredible levels in our Milan office. We are a super family of professionals and we will not be stopped by this Coronavirus. We love solving big problems one after the other and the good thing of SaaS is being able to do this wherever and whenever we want,” Fioravanti explained. “This was impossible a few years ago, Coronavirus impact is big, but it could have been a real showstopper few years ago.”

Zoom is Zooming

Wall Street clearly understands what the CoreView Milan office already knows – that solutions allowing remote work and collaboration are not just critical for the new economy, but a lifesaver during emergencies such as a quarantine.

Zoom, which offers voice calls, chat, and video conferencing, saw its stock rise from $71 a share on January 28 to a stunning $120 today, February 28. This while the rest of the market is crashing to earth like a defunct Las Vegas casino.

Zoom, while an effective tool, is severely limited compared to all Teams can do.

CoreView Helps Optimize Teams Productivity and Adoption 

Moving users from Skype to Teams, and then fully optimizing Teams use, seems like a daunting task. Luckily, CoreView does not see it that way. Our CoreLearning and CoreAdoption solutions greatly ease the work of moving users from the nearly defunct Skype to Teams, and promoting effective Teams use.

CoreView examines the entire Office 365 environment, finds the usage of Skype on a macro and individual level, as well as the usage of Teams. It identifies those folks that do not use, or underuse Teams, and creates custom adoption campaigns.

Meanwhile CoreAdoption’s sister solution CoreLearning, has over 2,500 short tutorial videos that use Just in Time Learning (JITL) to teach the user as they actually work in the application. We then track their progress and recast the adoption campaigns to promote further progress.

That is how CoreView’s CoreAdoption make moving to Teams and maximizing employee productivity by optimizing usage simply and fast.

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