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80% of Data Breaches from Misconfiguration and Mistakes – Stop this Madness!


What Causes 80% of Data Breaches? Misconfiguration and Mistakes

Three years ago, a poorly configured Amazon Web Services cloud container exposed the personal data of 2 million voters in Illinois and destroyed the reputation of voting machine maker Election Systems and Software.

This was no one-off occurrence. The truth is both Gartner and Forrester say that 80% of SaaS breaches are caused by misconfiguration, inappropriate user behaviors, or incorrectly elevated user permissions.

Gartner argues, “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes.” Correctly understanding your company’s existing configuration and management is the first step towards implementing solutions that immediately improve a tenant’s security. Meanwhile, monitoring and enforcing policies is the responsibility of Office 365 IT professionals, and is a must-do best practice to reduce your breach perimeter.

For enterprises, correctly defining configurations and appropriate user behaviors are best practices. However, misconfiguration is still possible due to operator workarounds or operator error. That is why it is so important to monitor and enforce your configuration best practices including policies and baselines, and that way fully secure your SaaS environment.

CoreView defines administrators that are specific to a location, functional sets of users, or other attributes. This means admins know who their users are, and have a manageable set of end users to handle.

At the same time, CoreView tracks application usage, so you know which applications handle the most work, and when end users are misusing the system. The ‘single pane of glass’ CoreView console offers deep insight into how end users are configured, and where they might be misconfigured.

Stopping Improper Administration and Non-Compliance

With CoreView, you can monitor your configurations and usage policies, and report and alert on account and device misconfiguration. If a misconfiguration or a misusage has been detected, you can immediately remediate it as well as enforce those policies using the CoreView workflow automation capability. Moreover, with CoreView, policy management moves from a manual and error-prone process to one that is intuitive, easy and automated.

And the CoreView secret sauce – we maintain the account ID hash with the user account when it’s disabled. This maintains account immutability when names are reused.

With CoreView automation, deprovisioning goes from up to 20 hours down to under 10 minutes. This saves a typical organization about 1,000 hours a year in manual IT admin activities, while at the same time improving quality of service and reducing human errors. We found that a company with 10,000 employees could save 950 hours of administration time per year, at a projected savings of $45,600 a year – just by properly using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to set Office 365 admin permissions.

Protect Your O365 Tenant With CoreView

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