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Delegate365 vs CoreView’s CoreAdmin


Delegate365 is a narrowly focused Office 365 admin tool with several flaws. It focuses on a small number of administrative functions, and performs this subset of what a typical admin does in a way that is not integrated or fully compatible with Microsoft’s Office 365 native Admin Center.

Our comparison is between Delegate365 and CoreAdmin, because Delegate365 does not have any features that overlap with CoreView’s CoreSuite and our security and adoption solutions.

One of the main features of Delegate365 is the ability to create Office 365 administrators that do not have global credentials. Unfortunately, this still limited ability to define more granular admin rights relies entirely on Active Directory Organizational Units (AD OU). Microsoft’s own Admin Center does not use OU’s, creating a major disconnect.

Here is a quote from Delegate365’s own FAQ:

“If you create, edit or delete users in Delegate365, all changes are made directly in Microsoft Azure Active Directory. If you create users in the Microsoft Office 365 online portal, they have no OU, because Microsoft Office 365 doesn´t know anything about the organizational units in Delegate365. So only the Delegate365 portal administrator sees these users and can assign them to OUs for further delegated administration,” the FAQ said. “If there are existing users in Microsoft Office 365 or users are created without Delegate365 directly in the Microsoft Office 365 online portal, these users are, by default, not visible to Delegate365 administrators. The portal administrator uses a list named ‘assign OU’ where they can see all users without OU. There they can filter and mass assign some or all users to one OU. As you would expect, users who have been assigned to an OU disappear from this list,” the FAQ continued.

CoreView solutions go far beyond administration with workflow, security and compliance, adoption and learning offerings, and hybrid management that all integrate with the CoreView portal. Meanwhile CoreAdmin has a vastly richer array of features, greater depth and maturity, and no problematic issues of incompatibility with Microsoft’s Office 365 native Admin Center.

Admin DelegationYesYes
Restrict scope of Admin management roleYesYes
Restrict features Admins can controlYesYes
Manage usersLimitedFull
License managementLimitedFull
License statisticsLimitedDeep
User activity monitoring and license activation reportingNoYes
License availability tracking and reportingNoYes
License chargeback accounting and billing reportsNoYes
Service availability tracking and reportingNoYes
E-mail message tracingNoYes
Review user activity for MULTIPLE workloads from a single screenNoYes
Security compliance alert notificationsNoYes
Security auditing for log file entriesNoYes
Azure sign-in monitoring and reportingNoYes
Tracking and reporting for all admin activitiesNoYes
Security compliance dashboardNoYes
Analysis of used and unused applications via workloadsNoYes

CoreView Customer Looked at Both

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director of the Jefferson County Library Cooperative, drove an Office 365 migration for the 41 library strong group. The cooperative wanted to support a single Microsoft Office 365 tenant for all members while enabling library customizations on the platform and delegating management of certain tasks to local IT administrators.

Cataldo looked for a solution to the admin delegation problem.

Tobin Cataldo
Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director — Jefferson County Library Cooperative, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama

One such tool was Delegate365, which Cataldo found too limited, especially compared to CoreView. “We looked at one called Delegate365. It was functional; it did what it was designed to do. It did not have some of the other stuff. It did not have the interface, for one, or the wealth of actionable reports. It did not have CoreLearning, CoreAdoption, or the rest of CoreSuite,” Cataldo said in this interview.

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