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Don’t Let Ex-Employees Stab IT in the Back


Did you know that a third of ex-employees continue to have access to company IT systems and data – long after they quit or get fired? And 50% of former workers can access data for a day after leaving – the precise time they are most likely to steal files. Scared yet? What if I told you that only 25%, less than a quarter of all companies have strict processes to block former employees from access data – leaving 76% of shops exposed? Or that a third of shops hit by cyberattacks have been targeted by former workers?

Former Employee Danger

There is little more dangerous than an ex-employee – except perhaps someone who is soon to leave and wants to create damage or take confidential competitive information with them before they go. It is even worse if the ex-worker is an IT pro with knowledge of your systems and data locations – and high-level privileges!

An all too common scenario is to have a current employee planning to go work for a rival company. They may be hired for their knowledge and experience of the market, but just as much for all the confidential data they can steal such as customer lists, contracts and product plans. This still active employee may be forwarding all their emails to personal accounts and share files externally to themselves and their new business partners. If you were tracking email forwards and external data sharing, you would spot this data theft before it gets out of hand.

If IT learns an employee is leaving, and has given, say, two weeks’ notice, the antenna should go up. This is the time to make sure there is no external sharing of confidential data, or other sketchy activity.

Once a worker leaves, forensics should kick in to insure nothing untoward has happened, and if it did, action can be taken. With CoreView, every time an employee leaves the organization, IT can run an audit report of every file accessed for the past whatever number of days, email forwarding to non-company accounts, and sharing data such as OneDrive volumes externally.

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