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Monitoring End-User Compliance


Compliance in Office 365

Organizations have a document outlining its compliance guidelines for using information technology.

IT admins also need to monitor it across all users and contractors within their environment. This is not an easy task, as you can imagine. With monitoring all the capabilities of Office 365, there is a definite need for automated tools and processes to watch over the users and make sure they adhere to the published security compliance guidelines.

When we architected CoreView, we had IT administrators in mind. To assist them with monitoring and enabling automated alerts for security compliance, we built in two useful features:

  1. Customizable Monitoring and Reporting
  2. Configurable Audits and Alerting Capabilities

By using the first option to monitor and publish reports on a daily basis, it is easy to create an ongoing audit trail for IT security compliance. A common report that our customers use regularly is the OneDrive folder access report for security compliance. Some organizations disallow sharing content with external organizations, and this report identifies all OneDrive folders that include outside email addresses as members.

(Example of OneDrive external access report)
Microsoft Onedrive External Report

Another report that is popular with IT administrators is the email auto forwarding report. This tracks all Exchange mailboxes that have an auto forward set. Most companies disallow mailboxes forwarding messages outside the company.

(Example of email auto forwarding report)
Office 365 email auto forwarding report

Option two above helps manage security compliance, allowing for immediate alert notifications when a security issue is identified. These alert notifications are generated from the audit activities performed by CoreView on an almost real-time basis. When a preconfigured security audit matches with a known compliance breach, an alert message is sent via email to a registered distribution list. Administrators can then take immediate action to rectify the situation and close the security boundary. A perfect example of this is to monitor for mailboxes that have access rights granted to users who don’t match the owner of the mailbox. Also, many organizations want to track password settings on accounts and flag those that incorrect provisions allowed. These alerts will provide the administrators with enough information so they can perform follow-up investigations with those end user accounts.

(Example of configurable audit and alert activities)
Office 365 configurable audit and alert activities
(Example of configurable Account Password settings report)
Office 365 Account Password settings

To help ease the burden on administrators, we’ve included many useful security compliance reports as templates within our toolset. Administrators just need to modify those reports with their specific security guidelines to be monitored, and the reports will be published daily.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help monitor security compliance and cut your administration time in half, please visit our overview page online or sign up for a free demo.

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