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Congrats to QuadroTech and its New Owners Quest

quadrotech office 365 management software

There was big news in the Microsoft 365 SaaS management ecosystem this week – Quest Software bought longtime Microsoft ISV Quadrotech Solutions AG.

This is great news for Quadrotech and Quest – and just as good an omen for the Microsoft 365 SaaS Management market. When large players like Quest take notice, the value of Microsoft 365 management solutions is crystal clear.

The ringing market endorsement is great news for CoreView as we are fully dedicated to Microsoft 365 management, security and optimization. Just as critical, the news greatly ups the competitive ante keeping us all on our toes. Technology thrives with competition and dies without it. It brings in new customers that can evaluate all solutions. Customers win big time with better solutions, and more agile vendors building them.

CoreView isn’t the only one that sees a great future in the Microsoft 365 management universe. Quadrotech chairman (now self-described ex-chairman since the Quest absorption) Tony Redmond sees a dynamic third party ecosystem supporting and improving the Microsoft 365 platform. “A healthy ISV community is important for an ecosystem like Microsoft 365. Microsoft grew large Exchange and SharePoint on-premises businesses thanks in no small part to the way that ISV filled functionality gap,” Redmond wrote commenting on the sale of Quadrotech. “It’s more difficult inside Office 365 because many of the techniques ISVs can use with on-premises servers are unavailable. It’s becomes even more challenging when Microsoft ships new features on what seems like an almost daily basis. I still think that ISVs have a future in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It’s harder to find the gaps to fill, but ISVs do take on challenges that Microsoft doesn’t want to invest in because of complexity, potential support cost, or it’s not aligned with their business goals.”

My Personal View

Twice in my professional career Quest has acquired one of our competitors. First at Aelita when Quest acquired FastLane. A few years later Quest acquired Aelita itself and I worked for Quest for 6 months. The next time was when I was at Veeam and Quest acquired Vizioncore (VMware Backup). These acquisitions helped Quest build their portfolio but at the end of the day had no negative impact on either Aelita or Veeam. In fact, Aelita became the core of Quest’s Windows Management division. Quest is a much different company now, having survived the Dell years, but is still a major player in the infrastructure software segment. History has a way of repeating itself so it’s going to be exciting to watch this next chapter for both Quest and CoreView.

The Quadrotech Story

Quadrotech began in 2011 when Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) was picking up steam and migration was the crucial challenge. Today the company focuses largely on its Microsoft 365 managed migration service. It follows that with Microsoft 365 management tools – which is where the company competes with CoreView.

The CoreView Story

CoreView emerged in 2002 in Milan Italy when two friends, Ivan Fioravanti and David Mascarella began solving customers’ management and reporting problems with Microsoft software and founded what was then called 4Ward. Their work moved to the cloud in 2008 when Microsoft launched Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), a cloud-based bundle of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Communications Online and Office Live Meeting. Three years later BPOS morphed into Office 365, and 4Ward really started to rock the Microsoft SaaS world.

Today David and Ivan drive the technology for what is now called CoreView, and maintain their laser focus on protecting, managing and optimizing M365 environments.

The CoreView Difference

Migration is only the beginning of the M365 journey. When migration is complete, Microsoft 365 IT pros need to manage, protect, optimize — and govern their new tenant. This part of the journey has no end, but gets deeper and more critical as the tenant grows.

CoreView is 100% focused on providing a total picture of Office 365 management, security, application adoption, and how much you can save through license optimization. IT pros no longer fly blind, but can manage and secure their Office 365 tenant with true knowledge. CoreView has a product focus, helping organizations better managed Office 365. By contrast, Quadrotech has had a services focus, with a major focus on migrations, and a product offering is secondary to managing Office 365 migrations.

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