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Removing Duplicate Technologies


Cost Savings Opportunities for Office 365 – Removing Duplicate Technologies

This blog entry is a continuation of our series on cost savings opportunities for Office 365. This topic covers the opportunities to Remove Duplicate Technologies for companies that want to quickly drive the adoption of all Office 365 workloads. The free admin center provided by Microsoft to help organizations administer their Office 365 environment has zero capabilities to drive adoption campaigns or provide necessary training to users. The following subsections will help explain the opportunities to improve the speed of adoption for Office 365 so that overlapping, duplicate technologies can be removed and those costs recovered.

Driving Faster Adoption of Office 365

Office 365 has a wide-range of capabilities that can take the place of many existing 3rd party tools that organizations have previously deployed to meet a specific business need. These other solutions perform actions such as File Sharing, Instant Messaging, Group Chat, and a large array of Collaboration functions. Once Office 365 is fully deployed within an organization it is possible to remove those other duplicate technologies and reduce associated IT license costs. There are probably pockets of these tools deployed in different business units across the organization, but the costs can add up to a large potential savings. Examples of these technologies include DropBox, SugarSync, HighTail, Box, Jive, Jabber, HipChat, Egnyte, and many others.

In order to remove those duplicate technologies, it is imperative that organizations drive the adoption of the available workloads found in Office 365. This requires focused marketing and training campaigns that target specific users by job function and role. The added benefits from effective technology adoption campaigns are the productivity improvements for all users, even power-users, once they understand the advanced capabilities found in Office 365 and how they can be leveraged to simplify common job tasks. To help organizations down the path of broad adoption for Office 365, Microsoft has provided a new adoption program to help guide IT groups. This initiative includes new Adoption Reporting capabilities and an Adoption Program Guide. However, there are many manual activities that still need to be performed by the IT support group to make these type of adoption programs a reality.

Provide Integrated Training

Targeted adoption campaigns for new technology require more than just glossy posters in the cafeteria. Organizations need to integrate a training model along with the marketing campaign which is linked to the user communications. This training must be simple to access and easy to use. The most successful training methods include self-service training videos that can be accessed from different devices, even smartphones.

Tied in with every successful adoption campaign are tracking and reporting metrics as well. Organizations need to know the effectiveness of their campaigns by monitoring adoption trends, and easily identify users that remain inactive so that they can perform follow-up communications with additional training and incentives to drive their usage of specific technologies.

Example of Integrated Training Videos in CoreView (specific learning path can be configured, such as email functionality)

Remove duplicate technologies in Office 365

Summary of Savings

Organizations that can quickly drive adoption of the full suite of Office 365 workloads will be able to remove existing, duplicate technologies much faster. The admin center for Office 365 does NOT provide any capabilities to drive adoption campaigns or provide training to end-users. Unless an organization spends a myriad of hours to manually perform user activity monitoring and drive their own targeted adoption campaigns, with integrated training videos, the effective adoption of Office 365 will be slowed. Today CoreView is the only all-in-one management solution for Office 365 that includes capabilities to drive targeted adoption campaigns, along with over 2,400 integrated training videos to assist organizations with their internal marketing programs. And a bonus for multi-national organizations, the CoreView interface is easily configurable in multiple languages to accommodate different admin teams from around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help you reduce the costs associated with your Office 365 deployment, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a free demo at

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