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Skype for Business Utilization Metrics

Skype for Business Utilization Metrics

Take a deep dive into your Skype for Business usage activity with CoreView…

If you really want to know what’s going on in your Office 365 environment, then we can tell you, or more to the point “Show You”. To fully benefit from the advanced capabilities in O365, you need to measure your active usage and monitor the trends in your environment. Our solution provides a unique and aggregated IT admin reporting model that includes visual charts and graphs.

The skype for Business report displays call counts, active users, user types (internal, external, or federated), modality usage (IM, audio, video, data sharing, app sharing), and client usage (desktop, Mac, iOS, Room Edition). And these reports go across any Skype for Business deployment. IT groups can strategically use this data to correlate with overall workload deployment goals as well as service availability issues.

Skype for Business Utilization dasboard

Leveraging CoreView’s advanced management permissions, you can gain access to the full suite of your organization’s Skype for Business utilization data. This allows your organization to capitalize on CoreView’s vast array of Skype for Business reporting, empowering you to maximize the benefit of Skype services for your organization.

Would you like to monitor Skype for Business metrics for your environment? If you already have CoreView deployed, click here for more information. Otherwise, signup today for our free demo to experience first-hand the power of CoreView.

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