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O365 Files Flew out the Door! Where the Heck Did They Go?


How to Stop Dangerous External Sharing of Office 365 Files


Think corporate espionage only hits global Fortune 500 enterprises? Fact is, everyone is vulnerable. Ever wonder why a recently fired salesperson made such a beeline for your prospects, and your main competitor seemed to know your every move?

Inappropriate external sharing of sensitive files is often the culprit. Dishonest or disgruntled (or both) employees send confidential files – sales databases, financial details, marketing and strategy plans, to outsiders. Often there’s a cash payoff. Other times it is a prelude to a defection, sets the stage for a competitive startup, or done simply out of spite.

All your data protection steps are for naught if employees simply email your secrets away.

Native Office 365 Admin Center DOESN’T Stop Dangerous External Data Sharing

With native Office 365 security, intercepting the sharing of sensitive and confidential files is nearly impossible. IT can create alerts on a per file basis or per user basis and notify IT or a group of users – but this approach is ineffective. IT receives thousands of alerts per day: these new alerts are just extra noise in an already loud world.

CoreView’s O365 Admin Portal DOES Stop Dangerous External Data Sharing

In a CoreView world, when a user from the sales department, for instance, (CoreView’s unique enriched audit log grants the capability to identify users by location or department) shares a file with an external user, a workflow starts. This notifies the user sharing the file, his/her manager, and the external user that this activity has been logged, and any following activities on the file will be audited. In this case, IT is not even involved, responsibility is shared among all actors involved and security is increased.

OneDrive being shared with external users is a particular pain point and security threat, and is something CoreView easily addresses.

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