December 21, 2021
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We hear – firsthand – from our all-star Success Team about how CoreView combats the chaos for some of their top-tier customers. Let's dig in...

Hear how one company was able to increase the output of their IT team by 3x and was able to stay focused on mission critical business situations. 

Sound familiar? 

  • Limited IT resources which shifted the focus from strategic to manual everyday tasks like onboarding, off-boarding, department changes, etc.
  • Due to these constraints, they needed a solution that would alleviate the workload, and keep their limited IT admin resources focused on key objectives

Today, what is now called Microsoft 365 includes 25 different apps and 17 different admin panels – with new apps being added all the time.  

Combined with skyrocketing usage, this complexity means many IT teams are struggling just to keep up – let alone to get ahead with proactive activities like security monitoring, governance, and attestation. 

But what’s making managing Microsoft 365 (M365, for short) so complicated, and how can IT teams break out of the day-to-day management headaches to truly take control of their M365 instance?

Simplify IT Management with Automation

We put together a fully automated solution within our Workflow engine, utilizing the integration capabilities around Secure FTP services. Today that solution automatically monitors user requests supplied by their HR system and executes them against conditional logic. 

With the help of CoreView's User Card, you can view all the data you require about a user, including usage statistics across services, user information, and licensing. Right from the User Card, carry out the most typical operations, such as password management or adding individuals to groups.

Using ServiceNow? 

Does this sound like your day-to-day? Setting up calendar privileges for the head of Marketing. And then the new Finance Director needs access to her email ASAP.

This could be done more efficiently elsewhere with the time saved. Automate administrative activities so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your hobbies when you combine CoreView with ServiceNow.

Use CoreView workflows from ServiceNow to automatically create self-service choices like requesting a Microsoft 365 license, shared mailbox, or Microsoft Teams group.

CoreView, Automation Made Easy

In most organizations, Microsoft 365 contains nearly all of the business’ important data – from HR files to financials to competitive advantages. 

It’s also where employees spend a large portion of their day, and therefore fraught with potential for security threats and attacks. 

Recently we conducted a study of over 1.6 million Microsoft users and found that almost all – 90% — were still struggling with readily-identified issues across all four key areas – Password Policies, Multi-Factor Authentication, Email Security, and Failed Logins. 

The remaining 10% of companies had issues across only two of the four key areas. Not a single organization had fully addressed these key aspects of security.

With CoreView you can elevate the mundane tasks that are bogging down your IT Team. And instead, IT Admins are now able to stay focused on mission critical infrastructure and services. Schedule your demo today

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