October 19, 2021
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We hear – firsthand – from our all-star Success Team about how CoreView combats the chaos for some of their top-tier customers. Let's dig in... 

How one public entity on a shoestring budget:

  • Delegated administration 
  • Reduced Microsoft 365 tenant sprawl  
  • Increased security 

As you've seen in our other user stories, CoreView has amazing power in our workflow engine. And I'm sure you've heard of interesting features like our license pools, but for today, let's consider a basic but vital CoreView feature and how one simple update can have an immediate, powerful, and long-lasting impact. 

So, what's the feature? A quick story first.  

A public entity with a shoestring budget had a problem. They needed to administrate their environment by location library, to be specific.  

The goal was to delegate administration and manage users at the branch level.  

As you can imagine, it would've been setting up separate tenants, not only setting up separate tenants but setting them up at an exceptional and, frankly, unreasonable cost. And along with a bunch of tenants comes the risk.  

Each environment could sprawl out of control with new licenses, lack of standardized processes, et cetera.  

And on top of that, what global admin wants to deal with 24 tenants?  

So, the solution was one of CoreView's simplest, most mature, and most utilized features called Virtual Tenants. 

Perfect Permissions for Greater Office 365 Security 

What if you had virtually limitless options for dividing up a single Microsoft 365 tenant, giving local IT administrators or specialists the ability to add, administer, and assist their users all while keeping control and ensuring compliance?

In this example, they had 24 domains and 24 locations, and by using domains as their virtual tenant delimiter within CoreView, the library's ability to virtually split their tenant into 24 smaller pieces. 

You can segment your tenant using CoreView Virtual Tenants by practically any criterion, including departments, teams, roles, or other categories.

Want to create a different group for everyone with the area code 352? You can with Virtual Tenants, and any new users that meet the requirements will be added immediately. 

Then, you can give the appropriate administration highly detailed, specific "ideal permissions" for each Virtual Tenant. You want to...

  • provide a marketing operations employee permission to distribute licenses and add new users, but only to people in his or her department. No issue.  
  • limit new team creation in Microsoft Teams to managers only? Click – it’s done. 

Now they can delegate access to those Virtual Tenants based on what those people need and nothing else. 

How Microsoft Global Admins Can Gain Greater Control of their Microsoft Tenants 

Now the global admins can monitor everything from a single CoreView portal versus 24.

This was a big deal for the library, for the county, for the taxpayers, and frankly for you, because all those simple, this feature helps solve problems, all entities face, and it isn't magic. It's just Virtual Tenants. 

CoreView’s Virtual Tenants Allows D’leteren To Go Full Speed with Microsoft 365

What Would Happen If You Got It All Under Control?  

With CoreView, you can build automation to enable your team to work at top speed while delegating administration while keeping complete control of your environment. 

And all those departments or regions that you support? 

Instead of supporting everyone in a single tenant, handling hundreds of requests a day, and struggling to keep up, you’ve granted department admins the ability to address requests themselves. 

This means offloading most requests to local admins, so central IT can focus on the more complex or higher-level issues. 

And freeing up time to do more strategic tasks like monitoring compliance with internal policies and optimizing license usage, supported by readily available reporting and automation to alert you if something unusual occurs.  

This is the power of getting it all under control with CoreView. Schedule your demo today.

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