August 9, 2021
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In our newest series, we hear – firsthand – from our all-star Success Team around how CoreView combats the chaos for some of their top tier customers. Lets dig in....

For this organization the IT team was stretched thin: 

  • IT professional deficit
  • Shared mailbox environment was out of control - one professional was managing 17 mailboxes!?!
  • No governance mechanism to keep it from compounding

Optimizing Limited IT Bandwidth

Coming off the great recession teams everywhere have been hit hard, especially IT teams. But what if we told you, you could offload up to 30% of IT tasks through delegated administration

Instead of supporting everyone in a single tenant, handling hundreds of requests a day, struggling to keep up, simply grant department admins the ability to handle requests themselves.

This means offloading most requests to local admins, so central IT can focus on more complex or higher-level issues.

You’ll be freeing up time to do more strategic tasks, like monitoring compliance with internal policies and optimizing license usage, supported by readily available reporting and automation to alert you if something unusual occurs.

Screenshot of CoreView's Virtual Tenant

Go Full Speed with Workflows and Automation

Find yourself doing the same task over and over again? Automate repetitive tasks with fully customizable workflows so you achieve push-button automation that fits your unique environment.

This customer in particular had over 100 steps that needed to be automated. With CoreView's help they were able to: 

  1. Create a scheduled report that kicks off the workflow automation
  2. Through the workflow an approval email is sent to the delegate users
  3. The delegate user confirm if they still need access
  4. The workflow logic executes based on that response (and saves the IT admin 100 manual steps)

With CoreView's User Card brings together information from all applications and lets you see everything you need to know about a user, including usage across services, user details, and licenses. Perform the most common tasks, like password management or adding members to groups, right from the User Card.

Action-Enabled Office 365 Reporting

Forget exporting data from 3 different Microsoft admin centers, combining the data in Excel, and then writing fiddly, fragile PowerShell scripts to make required updates.

Generate reports across users, groups, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, licensing, and more.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to schedule reporting and either automatically send an email or initiate a workflow to address any issues? For example, with CoreView you can:

  • Pull up a list of Microsoft Teams Groups with no owners and either assign an owner or delete the groups
  • Filter enabled users based on the last login and disable any who haven’t logged on for x days
  • Drill down on license usage and identify users who might be eligible for a lower tier license (E5->E3, E3->F3)
  • Run a monthly report automatically that disables any account that hasn’t logged in for 30 days
  • And nearly any other report you can think of

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