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Yammer Activity Statistics Report


Yammer Activity Statistics Report

Yammer is at the heart of the revolution to bring social networking to the enterprise. Yammer helps employees transform how their organization communicates and collaborates, enabling an information sharing, knowledge workplace. It provides a secure way to communicate, collaborate, and share information in real time. Using Yammer Activity Statistics Report can help disparate teams communicate, share files, and work together in groups organized by project or topics.

As the Yammer solution is part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, we recently introduced a new set of reports in our CoreView management solution that shows everything about the Yammer activity in your organization.

With the Yammer Activity report, you can understand the level of engagement and internal communications facilitated through Yammer. By looking at the number of unique users posting on Yammer, plus the likes and # of messages read and the amount of activity generated across the organization, you can quickly visualize the activity of Yammer in your organization.

Yammer report

An example of the new Yammer Report is shown below. The report shows the number of postings, plus the likes and reads within a specified date range.

The available columns are:

  • Email address: is the email address of the user.
  • User state: is one of three values: Activated, Deleted, or Suspended.
  • Licenses: is the Office 365 products that are assigned to this user.
  • State change date: is the date on which the user’s state was changed in Yammer.
  • Last activity date: refers to the last date that the user posted, read, or liked a message.
  • Messages Created: is the number of unique messages the user posted during the time period you specified.
  • Messages Viewed: is the number of unique messages that the user read during the time period you specified.
  • Messages Liked: is the number of unique messages that the user liked during the time period you specified. 

Yammer report

We also show the Yammer usage from different devices. You can view the number of daily user activities by device type, or the number of users for the device type in a selected time period. You can also view details for each user.

Yammer Device usage report

Yammer mobile usage report details

By clicking ‘Columns’, you can add or remove information within the Yammer Report.  The columns can also be filtered, and as with other reports in CoreView, it is simple to export, save, print, or schedule the report to run on a regular basis.   Furthermore, using V-tenants, or admin groupings within CoreView, organizations can segment the information in these Yammer reports. If you assign a specific administrator to ONLY view a subset of users, then that is the only group of user activity that will be shown in the Yammer report that they’re allowed to view. These reports can also be added to the ‘Favorite Report’ area by clicking on the star icon close the report name. This enables quick and easy access under the ‘Analyze’ tab once you have logged into the portal.

The data view can be updated instantly by clicking the ‘Refresh Data’ button. The success message appears once the data is refreshed.

In the top right corner of the table you can also adjust the time interval for the data items shown in the report. By using the drop-down picklist: yesterday, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days, or some custom range, it is possible to filter the information quickly to see only the date range that fits your reporting needs.

Curious to view  this new Yammer  report  now?  If  you  are already a customer running CoreView  you  can  find  this report by logging into the portal. Otherwise, take advantage of our  free demo  to  check out  the most  advanced  Office 365 management suite on the market.  

 More articles about other new Office 365 reports are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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