Exclusive on-demand webinar for California State and Local Governments | 25-minutes

Making the most of Microsoft 365 for California state and local government

“It’s our calling to use technology efficiently and effectively to achieve society’s goals and make progress on big, complex problems.” (Amy Tong, CIO of California)

To support California’s Vision 2023, state and local governments must improve the pace of technological transformation. For agencies built on Microsoft 365, what if you could accelerate business operations and get even MORE out of M365?

Your peers in California are doing just that.

Watch this 25-minute webinar to learn how government agencies are combining the power of Microsoft 365 and CoreView to:

  • Segment Their Tenant and Delegate Permissions—empowering department employees to support their own users and reducing the admin burden on central IT staff
  • Optimize and Streamline Licensing Costs by identifying unused and unassigned licenses and reprovisioning them
  • Maintain Continuous Compliance—using report-based and event-based workflows to monitor and alert staff if something unusual occurs

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Joe Lally
Director, Public Sector

Mike Carroll
Manager, Solutions Architect