Microsoft 365 Management That Improves IT Efficiency, Maximizes SaaS ROI, and Mitigates Risk

For Governments operating a complex Microsoft environment, CoreSuite makes M365 management simple and superb – boosting IT efficiency with advanced user management, delegated administration, and Virtual Tenants. Maximize your M365 investment with adoption and license lifecycle management, and mitigate risk with M365-specific security protections.
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We Help Enterprise IT Departments...

Create Least-Privileged-Access With Virtual Tenants and
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

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Get What You're Paying For - Manage License Lifecycle and Adoption to Maximize ROI

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Automate Administration So IT Projects Takes Minutes,
Not Hours

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Find, and Automatically Fix, Common Security Gaps

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Manage Centralized or De-Centralized IT Models with CoreView

CoreView Virtual Tenants allow you to segment and isolate agencies or other groups within a single M365 tenant, so you can:

  • Allow agencies to manage their own staff - while maintaining oversight
  • Limit access to necessary information only
  • Easily adjust to specific agencies’ needs while maintaining the benefits of a single, global tenant
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Prevent Waste with Improved License Visibility

CoreView helps public sector clients detect unused, unassigned, or over-sized licenses in their tenant and take action to correct.

With CoreView’s Virtual Tenant architecture, each agency or department can review their own use, and waste, and take appropriate action.
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Secure Your M365 Environment

Many attacks target Microsoft in one way or another because it’s so ubiquitous.

CoreView can quickly detect and remediate security gaps such as:
  • Users without MFA enabled
  • Email addresses forwarding to external addresses
  • Shared mailboxes with too many owners
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Streamline and Automate IT Tasks

CoreView saves our government clients thousands of IT hours each year.

Workflow automations can speed up tasks like employee onboarding and offboarding, compliance checks, periodic reporting, and more.
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