Protect, Manage and Optimize Public Sector Microsoft 365 – and Other SaaS

Overcome Microsoft 365 public sector challenges – secure M365 with policies and alerts, control ransomware, eliminate insider threats, stop data leakage, block unauthorized access – and save lots of money on licensing!

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“CoreView’s comprehensive and customizable SaaS management platform provides our government customers with everything they need to properly manage their Microsoft 365 accounts, while producing customized reports to illuminate the data that is important and valuable to their specific infrastructure.”

Jenna Hafey, Director of the CoreView Team – Carahsoft


56% of M365 Licenses Underutilized
Government, Non-Profit and Healthcare enterprises rarely know how much of their license spend is simply waste. Meanwhile, ALL these organizations face tight budget. CoreView identifies massive SaaS license savings – money that can be applied to strategic IT projects or taken as savings.

Tenant Segmentation for Security, Easier Management

Instead of a single, monolithic M365 environment, virtualize your tenant like you would with server and PC virtual machines. Create separate tenants based on geography or business unit, stopping IT insider threats while boosting admin responsiveness.

Keep Remote Employees Safe and Productive
Remote work is the new normal, a fact increasingly exploited by cybercriminals. On top of new threats, enterprises are moving at lightning speed to remote work, something they are not used to. There are myriad training, adoption and security issues that must be addressed for this remote work to be safe and productive.

RBAC, Delegated Administration and Automation

Achieve granularity and control of admin rights – through RBAC, delegated administration, and Virtual Tenants. Meanwhile, custom workflows replace and streamline tedious manual processes with automation and error-free operations. Time saved by M365 admins can be spent on more strategic IT work.

from our competitors​
CoreView solves M365 problems and issues no one else can.
We Protect Microsoft 365 Better
We fill Microsoft 365 security holes our rivals can’t touch, making M365 itself your first line of defense.
We Manage Microsoft 365 Like No Other
M365 waste hundreds man hours on manual tasks while struggling to manage M365 right. CoreView manages M365 fast and right!
We Optimize Microsoft Productivity, Licenses and Economics Insanely Well
CoreView reduces SaaS license costs 30-56%, doubles productive use of SaaS apps, and maximizes ROI while reducing TCO.
CoreView helped us solve key challenges in managing Microsoft 365, including license pool assignments and partitioning our tenant so we could securely delegate admin rights to specific agencies by using RBAC.
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