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The SaaS Management ROI Calculator


Alpin is now CoreSaaS.

SaaS usage and budgets have been roaring over the past few years, and companies are reacting to the trend.

The reaction? SaaS management. Alpin.

And thankfully if you’re currently considering conducting more SaaS oversight, we created a tool to make your decision easy. Request it, and we’ll send a customized ROI spreadsheet to you.

Where Does ROI Come From In SaaS Management?

Alpin quickly gives you the full picture of your SaaS landscape.


By automating many time-consuming tasks and enabling you to do things that simply were not possible before. Armed with that knowledge and automation, you can cut costs, improve security and vendor compliance, and get a comprehensive understanding of your environment.

Those benefits result in Alpin delivering a strong, positive ROI.

Hard ROI From Cost Savings

Alpin helps cut costs by identifying unused, underused, or under-negotiated licenses, as well as unwanted auto-renewals.

Alpin usually pays for itself many times over.

Firm ROI From Stopping Security Breaches

Alpin helps prevent security breaches by:

  • Showing applications with overly-aggressive permissions to access corporate data, and enabling 1-click blacklisting
  • Measuring vendor compliance with security and privacy regulations like GDPR, Privacy Shield, ISO, SOC, etc.
  • Identifying data leakage from emails and shared files
  • Alerting you to security breaches in the applications your employees use, incl. identifying the affected users, and the remediation steps
  • Showing users who might have left the company but still have accounts that should be deleted

Soft ROI From Saving Time And Effort

Alpin helps save time by making it much easier to do things that used to take a lot of effort, such as:

  • Discovering applications automatically
  • Understanding how employees are using applications
  • Keeping track of renewals via alerts and a centralized calendar
  • Centralizing all the documents and correspondence (contracts, invoices, DPAs, notifications, etc.)
  • Cataloging the compliance status of all your vendors, allowing you to instantly browse or filter for it, and report on it to other departments

Are you convinced enough that you don’t even need the spreadsheet, and want to try out Alpin right away? Contact us for a 10-minute demo.

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