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The SaaS Management Spreadsheet


Alpin is now CoreSaaS.

SaaS Spreadsheet HeaderSaaS Management includes application discovery, cost/license/renewal management, and activity & security monitoring.

This SaaS management spreadsheet has been designed to help you get started at keeping track of SaaS/cloud applications used across your organization. Record license details, users, payments, upcoming renewals, and security risks. See wasted spend from unused and underused licenses. Manage your SaaS! At Alpin, we help you gain visibility and control of your SaaS subscriptions. Alpin is an automated tool that acts as a single dashboard across all your cloud applications. It not only tracks what exists and what is happening, but also allows you to take action to reduce costs, avoid surprises, negotiate better deals, and secure your data. This SaaS management spreadsheet should be helpful, but there are limitations to what any spreadsheet can do. Once you reach those limitations, we hope you will give Alpin a try!

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