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Azure Active Directory Sign-in Activity Report


Azure AD Sign-in Activity Report

Office 365 admins are responsible for a wide range of security monitoring for their tenants, including tracking and reporting on irregular or unusual sign-in activity. Monitoring this type of activity is critical to guard against brute-force cyber-attacks.

The engineering team at CoreView is always keeping our IT administrator community in mind. To help them out with security monitoring related to Azure Active Directory sign-in activity, we have introduced a new report to help track all sign-in events: Azure Sign-in Activity Report**

It is currently released as a beta report, and it provides details on all sign-in activities performed within a given Office 365 tenant. IT admins can easily check failed logins, locked accounts, and accounts showing suspicious activity that could be targeted by hackers.

By using our CoreView watchdog reports to reveal suspicious user activities in Azure AD, companies can avoid security breaches before they become security nightmares. CoreView also provides in-depth audit details to help IT admins perform forensic analysis on any security issues that may come up.

With CoreView you can keep track of:

  1. Failed logon attempts due to an invalid username or password, which are indicators of brute force attacks.
  2. Locked Accounts
  3. Login Status
  4. And much, much more…

Azure AD Sign-in Activity Report

We have also enhanced this report with geo representation for location mapping searches, along with pivot point analysis and remediation management actions from directly inside the report.

Azure AD Activity Report

These reports can also be added to the ‘Favorite Report’ area by clicking on the star icon close the report name. This enables quick and easy access under the ‘Analyze’ tab once you have logged into the portal.

In the top right corner of the table you can also adjust the time interval for the data items shown in the report. By using the drop-down picklist: yesterday, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days, or your preferred range, it is possible to filter the information quickly to see only the date range that fits your reporting needs.

time interval for the data items

Would you like to view this report within your environment? If you already have CoreView deployed, you can find this report under the ‘Analyze’ tab together with other Office 365 reports. Otherwise, signup today for our free 14-day trial to see these features in action.

**Note: this will be available in Security & Compliance SKU only.

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