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CoreView and Alpin Tech Gurus Talk SaaS at Ignite


CoreView was plenty busy at the Microsoft Ignite show recently in Orlando, FL. At the IT-focused event, CoreView announced the acquisition of Alpin, a broad-based SaaS management, license management and savings and security solution.

CoreView co-founder and CTO Ivan Fioravanti and Alpin co-founder and now CoreView VP Julien Denaes sat down with’s Brian Sams for a video interview to discuss the latest developments.

One of CoreView’s main value propositions is that it makes management O365 easier, and adds tremendous value to the native Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center. That means CoreView always has to be several steps ahead of the Admin Center – which is a moving target.

“Microsoft has shown a lot of improvement in the Admin Center. What we offer as CoreView is something on top of Microsoft. We add a lot of capability on top of Microsoft. From a security perspective, we have virtual tenant capability where we offer the ability to segregate tenants. IT can define that the US Office 365 admin team will be able to see only the US people, the Italian team only the Italian people,” explained CoreView’s Fioravanti. “On top of that we have really granular access control capabilities, so we can define that the Italian admin can manage only Exchange mailboxes, to have only Exchange rights — at a very granular level. So we give our customers a lot of things on top of Microsoft.”

CoreView is always looking for new ways to show value to customers and prospects, which is the thinking behind the recently announced CoreDiscovery solution. “This is a free edition – anyone can register on our web site, and get a free a set of dashboards together with a CoreView Office 365 Health Check measuring the quality of their tenant from a security, license optimization and cost optimization perspective,” Fioravanti said. “We also announced CoreReporting, our entry level solution, which gives full reports on what’s going on in the tenant. On top of that, we added full Microsoft Teams management capabilities.”

According to Fioravanti, with virtual tenant and role-based access control (RBAC), the customer can delegate management tasks to non-IT pros, for a single department – without involving IT. This simplifies the life of users in that department, as well as IT itself.

“On top of everything, we have workflow. We can streamline any process. If we have to onboard a user, we can create a fully automated workflow — doing everything with one click. Inside our own company, we have a 50-step workflow to onboard a user — and it’s one click. I can create a user, assign the teams membership, group membership, create the mailbox and so on – it is super easy,” Fioravanti said.

Teams adoption, migrating and learning are critical issues for enterprises looking to reap the full value of O365. “On the Microsoft Teams side, the most requested feature is delegation of Teams activity. The focus has been to streamline the Teams management actions so they are really easy with great clarity when you do them — then you can delegate them. We created a dedicated Teams dashboard, and we have a dedicated adoption program for Teams. When a user joins Teams, we can send them an intro, a welcome email that says ‘Welcome to Teams, it is time to start using it, and here are the basic steps,” Fioravanti explained. “We identify that the user has already done some chat, but not created any conferences so far, then our system automatically triggers a specific adoption program to help them start creating conferences.  This is done through dedicated Just in Time Learning (JITL) – all from right inside Teams.”

CoreView + Alpin – the New SaaS Management Powerhouse

CoreView acquired Alpin, a broad-based SaaS management and security provider, just before the Microsoft Ignite show – a perfect coming out party.

Alpin co-founder Julien Denaes explained what brought the two together. “CoreView is all about Office 365. A lot of large enterprises want more integration to Adobe, ZenDesk, Salesforce – SaaS solutions like these. That is why Alpin joined CoreView. We saw a big synergy between what CoreView does for the large enterprise and what Alpin is doing. We come with more than 30 integrations with SaaS solutions that are ready out of the box to be integrated with workflows,” Denaes explained. “We also provide license management, monitoring, and security policies on top of all these other SaaS solutions – and we are pushing to have more and more Office 365 and Teams adoption.”

New CoreView Solutions Offer Free Office 365 Insight with 100 Metrics, Deep Visibility with New O365 Reporting

Office 365 shops can now discover O365 critical tenant issues FREE through a series of operational and security/compliance dashboards, as well as track over 100 KPIs/metrics thanks to two recent announcements.

At the recent Microsoft Ignite 2019 show, CoreView announced and demonstrated the CoreDiscovery Edition, a free version of the CoreView solution set, and the CoreReporting Edition, a reporting-only solution that details usage, security and configuration in the Office 365 tenant.

CoreDiscovery Edition: This new free version of CoreView helps organizations get an overall picture of their tenant through a series of dedicated dashboards, tracking of over 100 KPIs/Metrics, and a free Office 365 Health Assessment.

The new CoreDiscovery helps:

  • Save 30% On Licenses
  • Track Application Usage Over Time
  • Discover Operational Issues
  • Enforce Compliance Policies
  • Drive Teams Adoption

O365 Security 100% Understood

CoreDiscovery includes an enhanced version of Secure Score; a report that shows how the organization’s level of security compares with other companies, and serves as a basis for improvement.

Save By Measuring License Costs, Workloads

The CoreDiscovery dashboard shows how many licenses are unused, unassigned, or oversized, showing how to save 30% on average.

CoreView has found that 50% of Office 365 apps are never used, wasting money and failing to maximize productivity. CoreDiscovery sets the stage for adoption campaigns and deep economic benefits.

CoreReporting Announced and Available

CoreReporting Edition: CoreView also released CoreReporting, which lets O365 IT admins gain O365 insights automatically. Forget limited reports built into Office 365 Admin Center, and put PowerShell on the shelf. Let CoreReporting do it all for you.

CoreReporting targets organizations looking for deeper visibility into their Office 365 tenant. The solution’s faster and more detailed reports make reporting a breeze compared to Microsoft tools. Organizations can easily analyze millions of entities in an instant.  

CoreReporting includes all CoreDiscovery dashboards, adding the capability of drill down from KPI/Metrics to the related detailed reports.

CoreReporting includes a subset of reports from three different CoreView solutions: CoreAdmin focused on management, CoreSecurity, which tackles Office 365-specific vulnerabilities, and CoreAdoption, which drives deeper use of Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams. These reports go from high-level overall organization stats down to the individual end user level.

CoreReporting includes:

  • Dozen-Plus Report Categories
  • Device Reports
  • Stats on Operations
  • License and Usage Findings

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