August 22, 2021
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In our newest series, we hear – firsthand – from our all-star Success Team about how CoreView combats the chaos for some of their top-tier customers. Let's dig in...

For this organization the IT team was stretched thin:

  • Overrun by onboarding new employees
  • Passwords weren’t nearly as complex as they should be and posed a huge security risk
  • No way to easily identify if a user already existed

Employee Onboarding Using Office 365

When a new user joins or leaves your organization, Microsoft advises taking a few particular steps. IT processes that speed up employee onboarding enable a streamlined user experience so new users may quickly and easily access the resources they require, without risking security.

CoreView was able to cut down onboarding from 2 hours to 5 minutes by

  1. Activate the Onboarding workflow
  2. SAMaccountName checker ensures that admins can easily identify users who already exist
  3. Conditional logic saves time by making automated decisions based on predefined logic process
  4. Added security with built in Password Generator
  5. Ensure all users are set up with MFA
  6. Streamline License Agreement

Not to mention greatly reduced potential for human error.

See the full Office 365 Onboarding Template Steps here.

Protect User Identities Through Tough Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a method of enhancing the security of the login procedure your employees must go through in order to access your M365 tenancy (and a way for you to increase your Microsoft Secure Score).

MFA might already be configured in your Azure Active Directory (AD) instance by default. If it isn't, you will need to adjust the security defaults by navigating through the Azure AD dashboard connected to your Office 365 tenant.

Accessing enterprise resources with multi-factor authentication (MFA) needs at least two different methods of user identification.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) password security recommendations identify MFA as a best practice, underscoring the significance of MFA. The implementation of MFA is now advised for all Microsoft Office 365 users by the US Department of Homeland Security.

According to IDC, IT buyers should already have MFA solutions included in their security software budgets for the current year; if not, budget them in for the following year.

Identify Under Utilized E5 Licenses

Microsoft 365 License Spend Over Time

License Optimization

Consider net-new license reservations as similar to grocery shopping: It's important to take stock of the supplies and foods you already have, especially if your pantry is small (and budget).

Make careful to assess and gather the data on your current inventory before investing in net-new license reservations. You'll be able to determine whether and where there might be gaps, chances to transfer licenses, or even overstock.

All of this activity data—who, what users are using, what components, etc.—can be gathered by CoreSuite. Additionally, we are able to automate and schedule reports that emphasize both that utilization and the issues that require improvement.

Why does that matter?

If we correctly capture licenses from those who have left the organization and add them back to the pool to be used by someone else, CoreView optimizes the spend. Learn how to Take Charge of Your Microsoft Office License Renewal

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