August 31, 2021
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In our newest series, we hear – firsthand – from our all-star Success Team about how CoreView combats the chaos for some of their top-tier customers. Let's dig in...

For this central IT department at a large state government, the IT team was looking for a solution that helps with:

  • Tedious requests – password changes, MFA resets, etc.
  • Secure delegation between government agencies

Automate Office 365 IT Tasks

The pain of manual, tedious Microsoft 365 tasks stops today. By automating admin tasks through workflow, which can include

  • Employee onboarding/offboarding
  • Compliance checks
  • Periodic reporting
  • Password changes
  • MFA resets

CoreView can save our clients thousands of IT hours each year with workflows. Now tasks are completed faster and avoid human errors that can introduce security gaps.

Best Practices for Automating Password Resets in Microsoft

The new best practice for managing passwords is to just change them when there is a risk alert rather than requiring routine expiration and resets. Even while risk- or event-based password updates are a fantastic idea, implementation is challenging.

“What CoreView has, which is completely unique in the industry, is we know that you’re on that risk report, and we can schedule the changes: Since you’re on it, I’m going to wipe your user session. In other words, log you out of all your applications. I’ll reset your password, notify the help desk, and notify IT security that Joe User was on a high-risk report for impossible travel, and please check A, B, and C before you re-initialize his account,” explained CoreView’s Solution Architect.

How to Automate Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication

Like passwords, MFA can be dealt with based on risk events. Delegate with Virtual Tenants & Perfect Permissions

“IT should enable risk-based multi-factor authentication activation. If you’re at risk, IT will make you authenticate. CoreView takes this a step further, which is part of our workflow. IT can wipe user sessions. Because a user token is good for eight hours by default, should IT allow the user to keep pounding on it for eight hours? No, IT should log them out right now, because they showed up on a high-risk report. An admin can block the account and notify IT security and the help desk because you showed up on an impossible travel report or malware on a device report, something like that,” explained CoreView’s Solution Architect.
16 Microsoft 365 Tasks Easily Automated with Workflow

Delegate with Virtual Tenants & Perfect Permissions

Purchasing M365 licenses through a single, centralized tenant can result in greater efficiency and cost savings.

It does, however, present administrative concerns, requiring Central IT to manage support requests and license issues across numerous departments or organizations. As a result, IT requests pile up, and users grow impatient with the delay in service.

With CoreView’s Virtual Tenants you can segment and isolate agencies or other groups within a single Microsoft 365 tenant, so you can:

  • Allow agency-specific IT personnel to run their own organization independently while maintaining central IT's control over billing and chargebacks, security, and compliance.
  • Limit access to necessary information only. For example, should the IT person at the Department of Health be able to read the Governor’s emails?
  • Maintain the advantages of a single, global tenant while easily adapting to the needs of particular agencies.

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