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How to Assign Default Metadata Values to SharePoint Library Columns


Most good migration tools can take file share folder structures and flatten them by assigning the folder names as metadata.  This means when the documents hit SharePoint you have a single library with the metadata added to the documents themselves.

This is much better than copying the old yellow folders across.

If you absolutely have to use folders in a SharePoint document library then adding a default metadata value to the column will help with search and navigation.

If you set this up before the documents are added,  then the documents will have the metadata value assigned as they are uploaded.  Any metadata is better than no metadata.

Incidentally – if you already have folders in SharePoint, then CoreTag can use them to apply metadata directly to the document so you can flatten the structure out without losing any valuable information about the files.

Here is a how to assign a default metadata value to a SharePoint document library folder:

Step 1.  Library settings | Column default value settings

Step 2. For each folder assign a default value (linked to a metadata term set)

That’s it! You’re now equipped to have metadata applied by default. If you’re ready to take your SharePoint search experience even further, check out CoreTag, our SharePoint search solution.


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