February 19, 2021
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Microsoft Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) is often a company’s largest software expense. It also takes time and money to manage and secure M365 properly. Not only that, you want to get the most out of your M365 investment by maximizing productivity

M365 IT efficiencies can save hard dollars taken as pure savings or devoted to other IT investments. Or as is often the case, money and time saved on M365 IT operations can be spent better securing Office 365, improving the user experience or promoting new Microsoft services.

Such savings regularly represent far more than the cost of the CoreView solution, resulting in a highly positive ROI and extremely quick payback on money spent. “For the money spent to value received, the CoreView product has provided us the biggest ROI for any of our IT management tools by far,” said one CoreView customer.

High Level Value Proposition

CoreView gives back immense amounts of time and improves administration through virtualizing your tenant and assigning granular permissions to all your operators for governed RBAC and Least Privilege Access. Our workflow engine automates license management and  clean up, provisioning, and security alerts and scheduled reports to ensure compliance. We also retain years’ worth of log activity and audit data while managing your hybrid environment.  With CoreView, you’re notified when there’s security and risk issues allowing your team to react and fix these immediately.

Operations Savings

Money and time saved on M365 IT operations can be tucked away, put to new strategic initiatives, better spent securing M365, improving the user experience or promoting new Microsoft services.

Return on Reporting Investment

Another example? It takes a typical license manager 10-15 hours a month to produce licensing reports. We do it in ten minutes.

“My group loves the powerful, customizable reporting features in CoreView. Before CoreView we would have to spend hours each week creating and running custom PowerShell scripts to generate reports. Now we can create custom reports within seconds thanks to CoreView,” said the central IT manager for a large state government organization in the Eastern United States.

CoreView can automate hundreds of reports on every Microsoft 365 application workload, saving hundreds of hours by instantly analyzing millions of entities in seconds.

The Automation Payoff

Microsoft 365 doesn’t come with administrative workflows built-in. Fortunately, CoreView provides a workflow solution so easily created, customizable IT admin process steps can be run automatically from the CoreView workflow engine – often in one click. These automations can reach towering levels of complexity, as many different steps are chained together and performed in the appropriate and exact sequence.

Even better, everyone can use the same workflow and do the task with no mistakes. No more going to the onboarding expert, or scratching your head when that person leaves the company!

By automating common and often complex tasks, this work is performed far more quickly. And since it is usually one click, these common M365 tasks can be delegated even to non-IT staff – saving more time.

Provisioning is a great example. With CoreView automation, deprovisioning can be done in under 10 minutes, and even faster with workflows. This saves a typical organization about 1,000 hours a year in manual IT admin activities, while at the same time improving quality of service and reducing human errors. Another customer with over 50,000 users saved 210 hours per month by automating the provisioning, deprovisioning and onboarding of users.

A CoreView health care customer reduced their User Provisioning process from 3 days to a few minutes.

RBAC and Real Virtual Tenant ROI

There are great economic benefits to segmenting your tenant into Virtual Tenants, implementing RBAC, and using Delegated Administration – all of which empower local IT to manage users within their respective area (department, agency, business unit, etc). On average, this saves 38% of M365 IT staff’s time.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology in its ‘Economic Analysis of Role-Based Access Control’ study found that a 10,000-person company saves some $24,000 in IT labor, and another $300,000 a year from reduced worker downtime every year through RBAC.

Meanwhile, CoreView found that a company with 10,000 employees could save 950 hours of administration time per year, at a projected savings of $45,600 a year – just by properly using RBAC to set Office 365 admin permissions.

The Power of Single Pane of Glass Visibility

CoreView offers total visibility into your entire Microsoft 365 environment. This eliminates the need to access the dozen-plus different admin portals to manage your cloud. On average, this saves a single admin 48 hours per month – more than 25% of their time.

Chargeback Accounting and Billing

In seconds, CoreView generates reports to chargeback different departments, agencies, and business units based on their Microsoft 365 licenses and types. This saves over 8 hours of time manually building these reports and ensures total accuracy.

License Optimization Drives Productivity

M365 licenses are often a black hole, so IT spends money without a complete understanding of unused and underused licenses. Understanding usages lets you maximize the licenses you have – and manage licenses effectively.

This was the exact experience for one CoreView customer. “A government agency deployed CoreView to manage its Microsoft licensing at enterprise scale. It needed to decentralize license administration by managing a single license pool for tens of thousands of users on a multi-tenant level. With such a massive license pool, keeping track of usage and access is important for optimizing license purchases and maximizing user productivity. Since go-live, the agency was able to redeploy one full time equivalent (FTE) position and save an additional 40 hours per location per week from decentralizing enterprise license management back to individual subsidiary agencies,” said Nucleus Research in a recent report.

Meanwhile, license pools control distribution and ownership of licenses so enterprises only leverage what’s available to them without accessing licenses belonging to others.

In short, CoreView customers allocate licenses and costs based on the user’s job description and needs – not guesswork.

Adoption – Wasted M365 Apps and Services – Workload Usage Metrics and Data

Did you know that half, or 50% of all Office 365 services go unused?

There is an answer. Enterprises maximize application usage and Microsoft 365 investment by consolidating workload usage data down to each individual user to see what applications they aren’t leveraging.

CoreView maximizes the investment already made in M365 by identifying what users are not taking advantage of what they’ve procured through automated learning campaigns to drive adoption of various workloads and applications.

Organizations that use CoreView experience a 40% increase in application/service adoption.

Tackling Training

Adoption is first driven by analyzing usage. Proper training gets you to the goal line. “Only 50% of organizations keep track of participants’ feedback about training. Worse, only 30% use any other kind of metric,” said McKinsey and Co. Meanwhile, experts have found that standard training (classroom and eLearning) are not optimal since users forget 70% of what they learned within 24 hours.

CoreView Just-in Time learning videos come to the rescue, and include:

  • Over 2,400+ Microsoft 365 training videos in 28+ languages lasting 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Videos are context sensitive, and play as the user is working within the application
  • Videos are updated as Microsoft makes changes to their 365 applications
  • On average, improves the ability to learn Microsoft 365 applications by 72%

Driving ROI for Your Entire SaaS Ecosystem

While most of CoreView’s solutions drive Office 365 ROI, CoreSuite achieves the same benefits across you full SaaS landscape. But how? By automating many time-consuming tasks and enabling you to do things that simply were not possible before. Armed with that knowledge and automation, you can cut costs, improve security and vendor compliance, and get a comprehensive understanding of your environment. Those benefits result in CoreSuite delivering a strong, positive ROI.

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