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Office 365 Chargeback Reporting Examples

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Office 365 Chargeback Reporting

This blog entry is a continuation of our series on IT chargeback accounting for Office 365.  This topic covers some examples of chargeback billing reports that can be configured using CoreView.  The admin center provided by Microsoft is sorely lacking any viable chargeback billing capabilities.  For example, if an organization just wants to reconcile their license distribution and validate their billing compared with what is being utilized, there are no reports in the admin center to help them.  The following subsections will help explain some chargeback accounting reports for Office 365 that are standard in our CoreView solution.

Customizing Chargeback Reports in CoreView

Within the Analyze area of CoreView there are different data views which can be modified to create and save the type of billing reports you require.  Any number of columns and categorizations can be configured to showcase the information you need in your chargeback report.  A common model is to include additional data columns besides just the overall cost associated with the licenses consumed.  An example of a CoreView billing report is shown below.  In this example, the user accounts and licenses are categorized by Department and we have included additional columns to showcase the number of inactive accounts which the department is being charged, and what that cost is related to those inactive users.

These reports can be scheduled to run on a specific date and time to distribute the chargeback information to the correct teams for processing. As you can see in the graphic there is also a simple export method included in the report to pull down the report as an Excel spreadsheet for additional manipulation or graphical charting.

Example Chargeback Billing Report by Department (easily export options to Excel)
Report Showing License Activation and Provisioning Status

Monitoring License Component Subscriptions

A usual question we field from customers is related to the different workload components associated with a specific license plan on Office 365.  This is especially viable for the E3 and E5 plans which include numerous application workloads under their umbrella.  For instance, the E3 plan includes special workloads such as Sway, Yammer, etc.  To help customers understand how those are distributed within the user community and assist with the monitoring for which users are provisioned and activated for those features, we have created special reports to help showcase the associated costs.

By continually tracking license assignments and mapping what components within the licenses are provisioned and activated, an optimized management team can retrofit their licensing subscriptions
based on real metrics.  With this detailed information, the appropriate license types can be assigned to the users that have the business need for the corresponding workload functionality provided in Office 365.

An example report from CoreView is shown below.  It lists all E3 licenses assigned and identifies which workload features have been provisioned and activated.

Example Report Showing License Activation and Provisioning Status 

Office 365 chargeback accounting

Summary of Chargeback Accounting

The admin center portal was never designed for chargeback accounting purposes or license management.  It would take an enormous development effort to create a billing system for Office 365 through the use of Powershell scripts and custom spreadsheets, not to mention the countless hours to perform the processing cycles each month.  To help customers easily setup a chargeback process, the CoreView solution has all the built-in functions necessary, and they are completely flexible and configurable to meet your chargeback billing requirements as this blog has shown.  You can even include the listing of inactive accounts that a department is paying for to prompt them to remove the old, stale accounts and recycle those associated licenses.

Today CoreView is the only all-in-one management solution for Office 365 that can help you setup an accurate IT chargeback accounting process. And a bonus for multi-national organizations, the CoreView interface is easily configurable in multiple languages to accommodate different admin teams from around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help you internal chargeback for your Office 365 deployment, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a free trial at

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