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OneDrive Activity Report

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New OneDrive Activity Reports available in CoreView

Hey, we did it again!! There is a brand-new Office 365 user activity report available inside our CoreView solution. The new OneDrive activity report enables IT Admins and Managers to understand which users are taking advantage of OneDrive within their organization. The report shows how many files a user has stored in OneDrive, and how many of these files were edited, viewed, and shared internally or externally.

This report is very helpful to identify users that might need additional training around how OneDrive can help them collaborate more efficiently with others, instead of sending file attachments back and forth via e-mail.

 Onedrive Activity Report

The OneDrive For Business report is also very useful for security auditing. It allows IT Admins to detect and respond to any security breach arising from unauthorized access to files stored in OneDrive.
As data thefts occur every day, it is vital to have a complete view of all access events so you can detect and prevent anomalous activities. The new OneDrive for Business reports help you safeguard confidential company data and ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

 OneDrive Activity report external sharing

An example of the new OneDrive for Business report is shown below.

By clicking ‘Columns’, you can add or remove information within the OneDrive Usage Report.  The columns can also be filtered, and as with other reports in CoreView, it is simple to export, save, print, or schedule the report to run on a regular basis.   Furthermore, using V-tenants, or admin groupings within CoreView, organizations can segment the information in these OneDrive for Business reports. If you assign a specific administrator to ONLY view a subset of users, then that is the only group of user activity that will be shown in the OneDrive reports they’re allowed to view. These reports can also be added to the ‘Favorite Report’ area by clicking on the star icon close the report name. This enables quick and easy access under the ‘Analyze’ tab once you have logged into the portal.

 OneDrive Activity Report

The data view can be updated instantly by clicking the ‘Refresh Data’ button. You will see a success message once the data is refreshed.

In the top right corner of the table you can also adjust the time interval for the data items shown in the report. By using the drop-down picklist: yesterday, 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days, or some custom range, it is possible to filter the information quickly to see only the date range that fits your reporting needs.

time interval for the data items

Curious to view this report now? If you are already a customer running CoreView you can find this report by logging into the portal. Otherwise, take advantage of our free demo  to check out the most advanced Office 365 management suite on the market.

New articles about other Office 365 reports are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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