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OneDrive Owner Report


OneDrive Owner Report

By default, the OneDrive site collection administrator is automatically assigned to the user when they activate OneDrive for Business. Many IT administrators want to monitor user activity and track the adoption trends for specific workloads such as OneDrive.

To help administrators track usage, we have created a OneDrive Owner report view that reports the number of active OneDrive users and the username of the primary administrator.

OneDrive Owner report

You can also filter the information view using different meta-data by clicking on the available attributes in the columns drop-down menu and adding them to the table. Once they are listed, you can click on those columns and update their sorting/filtering methods.

OneDrive Owner Report filter

Adding a secondary administrator to OneDrive For Business in Office 365 is a very common request for Office 365 admins. With CoreView you can easily assign, remove and manage users or mass provision OneDrive locations on behalf of end users within the report by using a single command from the drop-down menu as shown in the graphic below.

OneDrive report

CoreView also allows for the creation of custom reports. Any IT admin can start with one of our standard reports and modify it with the specific data items they require. Once created, that custom report can be scheduled to run at a desired day/time and sent out via e-mail to whatever distribution list you want. And none of this requires Powershell knowledge to perform.

Another benefit comes from using V-tenants inside CoreView which enable Office 365 admins to segment the number of users shown in these reports. If you assign a specific administrator to ONLY view a subset of users, then that is the only grouping of user activity which will be shown in the OneDrive reports for them.

Would you like to view these reports within your environment? If you already have CoreView deployed, you can find this report under the ‘Analyze’ tab together with other Office 365 reports. Otherwise, signup today for our free demo to see these features in action.

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