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Simplified Auditing for Admin Activities


With our new Audit Activities report you can get all the detailed usage information you need related to OneDrive, SharePoint, Active Directory and Exchange.
This report is automatically filtered if delegation is active! You can easily assign a subset of your tenants (grouped by department, company, geographic location, …) to regional admins by using delegation, and they will ONLY be able to see activities performed by users they are entitled to manage.

You can audit specific events on the fly:

  • Select a workload like SharePoint
  • Select a set of operations like File Deleted and File Modified
  • Search by User ID or by Object ID field (file name, site collection, folder, file type)
  • You will be able to view the information on the fly
Admin Activities

Microsoft Office 365 users activities

This new CoreView real-time auditing functionality gives additional admin controls for your Office 365 environment. It enables new scenarios, including:

  • Monitor Exchange activities performed by admins on mailboxes or distribution groups
  • Check Active Directory failed login attempts and track malicious IP addresses
  • Verify real usage of OneDrive
  • List all users accessing a specific SharePoint site
  • and much, much more…

With the next release coming out on March 2016, you will be able to create alerts on specific audit events and receive them immediately in your mailbox!

What are you waiting for? Try CoreView on your Office 365 tenant right now with our Free Demo.

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