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Microsoft – Digital Partner of Record



Did you know that you could start receiving benefits immediately by simply selecting a Microsoft Partner on your account, or in Microsoft nomenclature, assign your Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)?

Here is how it works. Once you choose your DPOR, your Microsoft Partner will work closely with you to ensure that you are taking full advantage of your Office 365 cloud services. Office 365 can be a large investment for a company, so the best way to maximize your investment is to make sure that all benefits are being fully adopted.

Application usage is one of the main components in calculating your return on investment (ROI) for any software purchase.

However, correctly measuring usage can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. CoreView has developed a solution to help you. CoreView is a suite of online tools that analyze, monitor, and manage your Office 365 environment. With the data that our tools collect, we can help you identify inactive users who need incentives and training to enable the usage of all different Office 365 applications. Here are some of our example reports.

% of Active and Inactive Users for each O365 Service Report

# of OneDrive Inactive, Unused, and Active (by Consumption) Users Report

You can also take advantage of our Adoption Campaigns, which allow you to email your inactive users with training information or a link to an online training tutorial that will encourage system usage. Our tools can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns even if the execution is managed outside of CoreView.


List of users that read your email and clicked on training link

As your POR, if system usage continues to remain low, we will help you reassess your license counts to ensure you are delivering the precise mix of software and technology necessary for your inactive users to accomplish their job functions. With the aid of our tools and CoreView’s subject matter expertise, we will drive your system usage, identify any unneeded licenses, and maximize your investment dollars.


Am I eligible for the POR Program?

All you need is to have an active Office 365 subscription to be eligible for this program.

What does this cost me?

Zip, zilch, nada! There is NO impact to your monthly subscription costs and NO impact to your support or services with Microsoft. The program is in place to benefit you!

Why CoreView is the perfect Microsoft Partner for me?

Since its inception, CoreView has strongly invested in enhancing strategic partnerships like the one with Microsoft, and today is recognized as a best-in-class partner. As a result of this investment, we are the only company to have been awarded the coveted Country Partner of the Year for Italy for 2 years running, 3 years running as the Cloud OS Partner of the Year, and 5 years running as the ALM Western Europe Partner of the Year. CoreView has also earned multiple Microsoft Gold Competencies including Datacenter, Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform, Communication, Portals & Collaboration.

How do I sign up?
EASY, just drop us a line, fill the form below or call +1-908-309-3997

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