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G Suite Growth Is Incredible [Updated]


G Suite is one of the most well-known collections of SaaS applications in the world. In the 11 years since its release as Google Apps, G Suite growth has been incredible: from nothing to hundreds of millions of users, across millions of businesses and other organizations. Ask your friends to guess: How big is G Suite? [Updated with the latest numbers from Google]

As of January 2018, G Suite was used by over 4 million paying businesses. That’s up 33% from 3 million in January 2017, which was itself up 50% from the 2 million mark G Suite hit in November 2015. The slowdown in growth is offset somewhat by the increase in the size of businesses using G Suite: giants like Verizon, Nielsen and Colgate-Palmolive have switched to G Suite, with those 3 alone representing 250,000 users. And if that growth rate continues, G Suite will be used by almost 10 million paying businesses in 3 years.

That doesn’t include educational institutions (70 million teachers and students), non-profit organizations and even early adopters that are not paying for G Suite.

So the overall number of organizations using G Suite must be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands over 4 million. That is a LOT of customers for Google!

And it’s not just G Suite that has had tremendous growth. Gmail reached over a billion users by February 2016. Since its public release in 2009, Gmail has added about 143 million users each year.

By Q4 2013, roughly a year after the official launch, Google Drive had 120 million users. By March of 2017, Google announced that Drive was serving roughly 800 million users. And in May 2017, Google announced that Drive was storing over 2 trillion files. With about 7 billion people on Earth, that is nearly 286 files per person.

Respect to G Suite!

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